Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do… 🙂 lol.

I love singing! There’s not a moment that passes by without me singing or humming or making musical sounds. I’m musical like that… Speaking of singing, that’s what choristers do! And speaking of choristers, there’s the one I’ve introduced you all to. His name is Donald.

I had no inclination toward him, but he felt a lot for me. At first, he was a pest. But overtime, we became acquaintances – close ones. We went for rehearsals together, went home together with Peju. She’s the third in our humorous clique. It was always fun walking home with them sha. Always. Sometimes, we’d have a few other people join us on our walk home. And a few other times, it was alone with Donald. Hmm. Our talks were different, awkward, and other things. Queer talk and gossip. And it was also “Gimme a chance” time. *sigh*

Donald can like to talk. But he had a wonderful sense of humour (I liked that about him). Many a time, he talked about his hook-ups, exes, tattooed boys, Tops who’d agree to bottom for him, because they liked him and would do anything for him. And the compliment he said he so often received was “Nice bod”. This one cracks me up inside. In my mind I’d be like, ‘Nwoke, get a standing mirror and look at ya-self.’ I never voiced that thought.


So, some of our conversations when we walked home from rehearsals a few times be like:

Donald: I no know why person go dey masturbate. Wetin that one mean na? Chai. Tufia! As I dey, I go dey masturbate, for what na? If the thing hol’ me, na to just make phone call. Chai. Nonsense.

Me: Hmmm. People wey no get person nko?

Donald: Abeg. Leave dat thing…

I couldn’t go further with the issue.

* * *

Donald: You don go TB party before?

Me: TB party? No oh. TB party ke. Wetin wan carry me go sef.. How e be?

Donald: Ah, e dey make sense. You go see different people. E dey sweet. Them dey evening start with opening prayer.

Me: Hian. Opening prayer kwa..

Donald: Yes. See you. Them say na “in the name of god of TB!” (And he laughed hard!)

Me: (gasping and looking at him wide-eyed) Ehn?

Donald: Ehen na. See you. The only thing wey dey spoil am na police. E dey make sense, but police matter at times. The last one wey I no go, police raid the place.

Me: Hmmm. Nawa o.

* * *

Donald na character. And he had connection with big boys. I’d once asked him where he met all these people and he told me he knew most of them from Badoo. (And that was how he introduced me to the social app). He’s well known in the Lagos gay circuit though. He is… *cough*

Well, above everything, he has feelings for me. And I dreaded every time we got to my bus-stop together. It was always “gimme a chance” time. And I’d post him with “Ok. I’ve heard you. We go still see…”

Written by Kizito

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