See, now that I think of it, hmmm, I realize maybe they planned it or something – they, Anya and Roland.

Anya and I were done after that day. From “Are you home? Yes,” to “Hi. Good morning. Bye.”

I didn’t think much on it. I simply closed his chapter. Two days later, I see a friend request buzz on BBM.


“How did you get my pin?” I asked, after accepting the request. (Like duh! It’s Anya na. He’d apparently given me away.)

“Anya gave me your pin. Hope you don’t mind,” Roland answered.


“Yeah. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I asked Anya if it was okay to have your pin. He said sure, that nothing is going on with you guys anymore.”

“Oh…I see. Okay,” was all I could respond with.

We got chatty. We began talking over the phone. We began dating. I came to like him. He grew to love me.

Things were going smoothly. He was an encouraging guy sha, ambitious, hard working. And though his command of the English language was meh, I still liked him.

Roland had a girlfriend too. “Baby, I’m Bi,” he told me one day, when we were having the ‘tell me everything about you’ conservation. I hadn’t expected that. So it was quite shocking. I still stuck around.

He would gush about his girlfriend and how she got him a cake for his birthday, how she loved him so much, how she–

Bitch! What? What am I again? (Oh, yes, a cute teenage mumu)

I still stuck around.

But then he got too busy. He still loved me. But I needed full attention and I wasn’t getting it. We talked about it. We worked on it. But, nah, I got tired. And dude, you have a gal-friend! I couldn’t deal. The boredom! The English! The man!

Boy, bye!

And then we had the “please don’t leave me, I love you. Please. You’re everything to me” back-and-forth…


Really, bitch?


Can you leave your girlfriend for me? No.

Can you create little more time for me even when you’re ever so busy? No.

Can you…? No.

Can you…? No. No. No. That’s it! I ain’t sorry. Boy, bye!

Written by Kizito