Hmmm. Let me tell you about my encounter with Anya and his friend, Roland.

Anya was the one. Fair. Tall. He had the looks. The smile. Intellectual. And he gave that model vibe.

Me? I was just the cute teenage mumu.

Roland? He was the fat, not-so good looking friend of Anya. He gave the model manager vibe.

Badoo was where it began. From Badoo to (was it WhatsApp?)

Well, from there to “can we meet?”

We met once or twice, me and Anya. It was Anya I went to see oh. But Roland was there both times I visited. I was shy AF the first time. Even a hug sef felt embarrassing. But the second time, we managed a kiss.

And then came this rainy day. You know me and my itch to leave the house. To leave or not to leave? I was indecisive. But the coast was clear, except for the heavy downpour. Well, I grabbed my jacket with a hood and left to battle the forces of nature. Anya had urged me to come. I told him I would.

I soon got there. It was Roland’s place by the way. And no one was home. Anya’s number was not going through. I tried severally until my call finally went through. He told me to check for Roland around; saying he had sharply gone out but he’d be back as soon as possible. He was sorry I was getting soaked by the rain.

Chai! I searched for Roland in the area and asked a few people where they – the boys – had gone. More heavenly water. Chattering teeth. Shivering body.

Roland showed up from around one corner. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I was out back. Did you call out? Anya went out but he’ll be back soon. Come in, let’s get you out these wet clothes. Anya will soon be back.”

‘Soon’ gbakwa oku! Mscheeww! And ‘let’s get me out of these wet clothes’? Devil! I planned to stay in those clothes.

“Come on, take your clothes off,” Roland wheedled. “I hope you’re comfortable with me here… There’s nothing… You can’t stay in those wet clothes…”

The devil!

I hesitated. But a puddle was forming at my feet. I had to take my clothes off. I was cold. He handed me a shirt of his and urged me to relax on the bed. I did so.

Ten minutes. Anya never show.


The devil.

Whatever happened next between me and Roland, I cannot explain. (Can I explain?)

Sex happened.

About twenty minutes later, Anya brought his fine yellow self back. I was warm already. Mscheeww!

He showed up and it was sorry, more sorry, and sorry. We kissed and cuddled for an hour. Roland sat in the room with his back to us. Later, he excused himself out of the room. Anya and I talked and cuddled some more. And nah, we didn’t have sex.

And then he said: “I won’t hurt you. We won’t have sex. I see you as my son. I’ll get married to a man, maybe a Spaniard. And we’ll adopt you. What do you think?”


Let me first digest his words like HobNob biscuits.

Written by Kizito

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