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Boring journey. Boring city. Boring Dan?

Oh well. I was just happy to be in a new place. New experience. I would enjoy this place. I had to na.

I arrived PH; big city, with lots of Rumu(s). Dan wasn’t quite straightforward with the directions he gave, but I got to him anyway, after going around Rumu-this and Rumu-that.

Dan. With his rough face and eccentric accent. Oh, he’s been cycling – bigger, firmer butt. Skin tone was perfect. I was hot inside. But I just couldn’t do away with the attitude. I always gave him attitude, because I wasn’t completely in love with him.

So it was lust then?


I was welcomed. It was a very small apartment. But I was OK. Dan was OK.

I settled, ate something. All the while Dan kept staring at me with a rather sheepish expression on his face. Like one of those silly girls in Game of Thrones.

I like Dan. Dan is horny. I like Dan. Dan is in love. All memories of Owerri and Kene and school-ish was out of my mind. My parents called. I’m fine. I’m studying. I’m doing OK.

Lord knows I was in a man’s house in Port Harcourt. He would fuck me tonight. I wouldn’t mind because he was my boyfriend (whom I can’t seem to LOVE). I would enjoy the sex even, because it was not Kene.

“I’ve missed you,” Dan said.

I knew that. We were worlds apart. I was like a monster eclipse that occurs once in hundreds of years. Who knew when he’d see me again?

He kept staring. Like a little girl who was hoping her uncle is a pedophile and would come do her. His blood was hot, I could feel it.


Should there be any tension? I mean, he was my boyfriend anyway. The room was unbearably hot!

Minutes passed. OK. He stepped out, he’d be back soon. Settle down well, Kizito.

Power came on.

Dan was back.

We chitchatted.

Night fell.

So the room was cool. He put the light out. We talked in the cool dark room; touchy stuff. I got teary. He loved me much. He knew I didn’t love him as much as I should. I didn’t know what to do; I gave him that same nasty attitude. I was angry at him for no good reason.


Then he hugged me. I melted into him. Touchy-feely stuff.

“Please. Please,” he said. “I don’t know why you treat me like this. Why don’t you love me?”

“Maybe it’s not you. The problem is me.”

“We can work things out. Please…”

I sobbed then.

“I love you,” he told me.

“I love you, too,” I responded.

I had to. I would try to.

The sex that followed was passionate. Sweaty and passionate. With power going off and coming back on.

The night was peaceful. Morning came. Bright. Dan headed to work. I stayed in the room, trying to read, to study. Meh. I was in all day. (I can be in all day. Like Rapunzel up in that tower) Dan was back at night.

It was like a husband and housewife thing. With me being home and all that. I didn’t know anyone else in PH, and it wasn’t like the place had the beautiful effect of dragging and calling you out on its own to enjoy yourself. And the high cost of living sef. Ptueh! I’d rather remain inside. Peace.

But ah! If them find out say I dey man house! Chei.

The night before I left PH was a beautiful one. We went for a stroll. Something like a short tour round the Rumu communities. It was nice. I never wanted it to end. But it had to end. We were going to end.

Somehow I knew immediately I left Port Harcourt that my relationship with Dan was going to suffer.

It did.

Oh, it did.

Written by Kizito