Soon, I was on the road back to Owerri. Back to A Boy With Cat Eyes. Tsk. The room was a mess. He looked a mess. And he was still eating roadside buns. Tch. Pizza ain’t got time for that.

On my way back to Owerri, I had been communicating with this giant (I didn’t know he was a giant until the night I met him). His name is Kamsi.

Kamsi wasn’t fine, he was just attractive. There’s a difference. Tall, dark, huge Kamsi; staying somewhere in Anambra. He had always been keenly interested in my love life and sex life. I always, albeit reluctantly, indulged him. I never knew why.

We’d chat about nasty things – erotic stuff, random stuff, blah, blah; and my boyfriend and exes too, my hookups, everything. And I always told him what was up.


Jesus! I did!


It had always been impossible for us to meet, seeing as, you know, Lagos to Anambra because of man? Ptueh!

So now that I was across Onitsha bridge, I could see him. Finally, right? And I got back to Owerri, and Kene was doing smeh-smeh. Mtcheeew!

Fresh cloths. Fresh stuff. And I zoomed off to that place in Anambra. Irrational much?

I am – was a goat.

I left Owerri quite late. I had no idea where I was going oh! I just boarded a bus on my way to see man. Chai!

The journey to man’s place was scary. I thought I would die. It was late. Darkness over the land. And inside an overly congested bus. I was crying silently.

Drive. Drive.

When we got to the last bus stop, I called man’s number. It didn’t go through. Yeh! Mogbe! *tears*

For some forty-five minutes to an hour, I stood there. I couldn’t get through to Kamsi. *more tears*

And then my phone rang. Man was calling. Bless the Lord!

He directed me to so-so-and-so place. I got there and I saw the man. He was not what I pictured him to be. But I was glad. So glad! I just wanted to sink into him, nothing else. I just wanted him to embrace me with his huge arms, to enfold me in them. I was so cold. “Hug me!” I screamed in my head.

Sigh. I am – was a goat.

Kamsi and I boarded a late bus, probably the last bus available to his place. He’d been so worried. Aww! He’d been so worried about me.

Thank God I didn’t die. Heck! I was worried for my life even.

We soon got to his place and climbed the stairs to his room. It was dark, but I liked the darkness. I felt safe. I just did.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he said. “Wow. I can’t believe I’m meeting you. This boy, this guy who I’ve been crushing on for years. It’s crazy. But I’ve been crazy about you, about meeting you for years.” He was on a roll, just gushing away.

“Well, here I am. Finally,” I replied.

He gave me food. Oh, food! I didn’t eat much though.

What a gentleman, this Kamsi.

And then, we talked into the middle of the night. And it was time to go to bed.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” he asked


He dozed off minutes into the movie. I watched and enjoyed the movie to the end, and then fell asleep by his side.

And then…

Was I dreaming? That sensation on my dick – Wait! Oh God. Oh Yes! Oh –

I woke up. The pleasure was coming from Kamsi’s mouth around my dick.

“You can’t say no. This is what you came for,” said the voice in my head.

I wasn’t going to say no. Duh!

He was prepared gaan. Lube, sheath, everything. What a night.

I felt uneasy the next morning but I didn’t tell him. He’d care of course.

It was Sunday, the next day. Church day – yay! (Goan judge your Daddy)

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Did I mention that it rained the previous night? Oh, it did. What a night. A night that Kamsi would never forget.

I headed back to Owerri after church. Bye Kamsi. Bye one night stand?

Who knows, right?

Written by Kizito

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