Mr. Gay World Steps Down From His Reign Due To “Personal Changes”

Mr. Gay World Steps Down From His Reign Due To “Personal Changes”

After just seven months, Mr. Gay World has announced he’s turning in his sash and crown and handing over his coveted title to his former competitor.

His reason?

“Personal changes.”

21-year-old Klaus Burkart of Germany was named Mr. Gay World in May. Now, he claims “personal changes” in his life have inhibited his ability to “live up to the expectations and serve the community.” Therefore, he must step down.

In a letter published on Mr. Gay World’s official blog yesterday, Burkart wrote: “When I entered the 2015 MR GAY WORLD™ competition in South Africa I thought that becoming MR GAY WORLD™ was the biggest challenge of my life.”

He continued, “Indeed it is very challenging and exciting winning the title, but what is more challenging is living up to the expectations, responsibilities and duties that come along with it.”

So, Burkart says, it is with “great sadness” that he must hand over the title to his former competitor and first runner up Emmanuel Mass Luciano of Hong Kong.

“I know he will be a great representative for our community, who will put all his heart and passion into his reign,” Burkart concluded.

Hours later, Burkart followed up that letter with a statement of Facebook in which he thanked everyone for their support but didn’t elaborate on the mysterious “personal changes” in his life, despite several people asking.

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    November 19, 06:08 Reply

    People of KDVille, give it a few weeks, the tea will still flow!

    I know there is tea! A very strong brew

  2. Francis
    November 19, 07:23 Reply

    *for my mind* Criminal past, Porn or he never complete him coming out and now family pressure is weighing him down

    • Pink Panther
      November 19, 07:24 Reply

      I’m thinking of the last reason too. Maybe environmental pressure is making me quit.

  3. Mandy
    November 19, 07:48 Reply

    ‘Personal changes’? Maybe he’s suddenly seen the light, that it is possible for him to change to being straight.

  4. Ruby
    November 19, 09:22 Reply


  5. Sinnex
    November 19, 09:50 Reply

    I guess he is now born again and has been delivered from the demon of ‘gayism’.

    Maybe he was never gay in the first instance.

  6. Khaleesi
    November 19, 10:28 Reply

    Pinky and DM, please keep tabs on this story ooo, we must share a full jug of the tea here in KDville when its been brewed

  7. Lothario
    November 19, 11:24 Reply

    Or he’s ready to start his transition….

  8. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    November 19, 14:20 Reply

    The crazy part for me is that the competition went down in SA. I knew they were more liberated than the rest of Africa but that’s another level.

    OAN Do you guys think a black man can win this award?

  9. Diego jay
    December 03, 22:36 Reply

    lolz black man fr wia???… well nofin z impossible!

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