A friend of mine (who’s got the softest lips you’ll ever kiss 🙂 Sorry dear, I couldn’t resist, lol) vented some of his frustrations with the gay community in Nigeria with a litany of questions. Whether he intended the questions to be rhetorical or not, I read them and simply had to share, to get your opinions on all these ‘Why’s that he needs answers to.

Read below:

‘Why do we have too many homosexuals in Nigeria who are openly against gay marriage?

‘Why do we have plenty gay people in Nigeria who express tremendous support for that infamous fourteen years imprisonment term?

‘Why do we have long-term practising homosexuals in Nigeria who are convinced their sexual lifestyle is just a phase and will be over in a matter of time?

‘Why do we have a staggering number of queer persons in Nigeria who are convinced they are sinners, and are waiting on the fateful day the Lord God will save them from the depraved lifestyle of sodomy?

‘The population of self-hating homophobic homosexuals in Nigeria is disturbing. This schizophrenic mentality is a bane to the LGBT rights movement in Nigeria. No one is saying you must be gay and proudly so. But if you haven’t come around to accepting yourself, how does anybody get to accept you? How do you even demand acceptance at all?

‘PS: A good number of these people I’ve come across are even gayer than myself. If homosexuality can be in classified in degrees, that is.’

There you have it, guys. So let’s discuss about these afflictions of the Nigerian LGBT. Do sound off your opinions in the comments section.