“Gay people want to benefit from an institution they insult.” – Comment from someone during the antigay law brouhaha. The thread was discussing letting same-sex couples raise kids.

Most people are all for the rights of sexual minorities but draw the line at same-sex couples raising kids, for various reasons ranging from fear that kids of gay parents would turn out gay to fear of sexual abuse.

Considering that same-sex couples cannot reproduce between themselves without third party assistance, or adoption, is raising children necessary for same-sex couples? What about the Venn diagram complexity of the setup – child raised by two daddies, only one of whom is the biological father while the biological mother lives somewhere downtown, perhaps with her own husband/wife… Should gay people bother with all these, or are we trying to prove a point to mainstream heteronormative society that we can raise a traditional family just like anybody else?

I know this is largely a Western civilization issue, seeing as the laws of most African countries aren’t even being tolerant to the admission of homosexuality, let alone same-sex marriage and gay parenting. But imagine you could get away, somehow, with living with your partner and wanting to raise kids, do you consider that your prerogative? And what reasons do you have for your opinion?

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