Three years ago, when I was unemployed, I had this friend who got wind of this seminar that was going to be hosted by some gay activist group here in Lagos. It’s an event we simply must attend, my friend said as he tried to persuade me to go with him for the seminar. He was boyfriend-less at the time and figured it’d be the perfect hunting ground for a potential hook-up. I got sold and accompanied him to the event. It was a good seminar. I learned a lot. There were good-looking attendees there, both male and female. My friend flirted incessantly with one of the guys. At the end of the seminar, he asked the guy for his number, and the young man coolly declined, telling him he wasn’t interested in what my friend was obviously interested in. he is straight, he said. He’s just here because as a human rights activist, he’s sympathetic to the gay cause.

Bloody closeted fag, my friend muttered viciously to me. I asked if he didn’t believe the guy’s heterosexual claim. He said no, he didn’t. When I asked why, then came the litany of clichéd rationalizations – he’s too pretty to be straight… he’s a gay activist, for chrissakes… he’s gay, he just doesn’t know it yet… #sigh#

A couple of days ago, I happened on a tweet by someone I follow.twee2Lol. I know, this isn’t the gravest of issues, but it’s something a number of us, even I, are guilty of often times – this predilection most homosexual people have for the presumption that every other person, either homophobic or sympathetic, is a gay person waiting to happen.

This notion is what drives a lot of us, the brave ones, to seduce others to the…um, queer way of life.

Someone once scathingly said to me that gay men need to wake up from their bubble, that sometimes, a person who is homophobic is like so, simply because he detests homosexuality, and not because of some self denial or despisal of his suspected queerness.

I don’t know. What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss…about why everyone must be gay.