Man Crush Tuesday: David McIntosh

Man Crush Tuesday: David McIntosh

dm21Some Kitodiariesian who has declined identifying himself to me sent me these pics of Kelly Brook’s ex-boo. This guy is quite simply hot. I follow him on Instagram, and daily he stops the hearts of millions of females – and me – with his deliciousness. Anyway, check out the interesting photos of his below. (Dude loves to tease!)

Move over, Kelly. Your bikini-clad figure is not of interest in this here picdm

Work those cakes!dm6dm30

Abeg see how this David is finding trouble in the pic belowdm42

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  1. Obatala
    October 07, 04:39 Reply

    thanks pinky. u just gav me the inspiration to continue my gym regimen.

  2. Micky
    October 07, 05:51 Reply

    OMG!!! Damn!!!!! Now that’s a Man crush! Yummy!!!

  3. Ruby
    October 07, 06:05 Reply

    Those Cakes make me Jealous but then again, those are his and I’ve… I mean I… Well I… *damn this dude is so hot he’s making my fingers stutter*

  4. chestnut
    October 07, 06:05 Reply

    I aint even gon’ lie, this man is uber-HOT! Damn! And his sex appeal is like kilode!
    That last pix, d officer at d front desk of wherever that is…I can’t see too well,but is dude licking his lips while staring at that ass or nah? His face be like: “Dayuuum! Now that’s an ass I’d like to surfboard!”

    • chestnut
      October 07, 06:12 Reply

      Oh that’s a t.v!!!! (Choi,see what thirst can do!)

  5. chestnut
    October 07, 06:09 Reply

    Choi! I still can’t stop scrolling back up to that first picture…and d last one…and dat 4th one too…(and d 2nd one and 3rd one…#OkBye!)

  6. daniel
    October 07, 06:12 Reply

    He’s cute but too much of everything is not good jare… Keep it simply sexy.

    • Aproko Pikin
      October 07, 07:03 Reply

      Dan, U took the words outta my mouth. He’s sexy yes, but I’d prefer it with less muscle tone.

      @King, there’s plenty of cakes here 4U. @Khaleesi, can we have the supersonic English translation of this pic pls? lol *runsaway*

  7. gad
    October 07, 07:05 Reply

    The ass looks bangable.nice pix

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 07, 07:16 Reply

      Careful Dennis, that is Akpan the fufu pounder’s cakes you are thirsting for o.

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 07, 07:36 Reply

        Assin eh!

        Meanwhile did y’all see the “Queen” part?

        *sips coffee*

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 07, 07:38 Reply

          I did. I totally did. Hence, my saying he’s looking for trouble. LOL

  8. Wildsaint
    October 07, 07:17 Reply

    Excuse me Lord we need Jesus….can somebody pour me some chilled water cos I’m burning here..Holala

  9. enigmous
    October 07, 07:45 Reply

    If I die before I wake up, find me inside McIntosh’s panties…Lawd, lead me into those cakes and leave me there forever *cake of life and power*

  10. tobbyjohnson
    October 07, 07:49 Reply

    The first picturee is DoroHot properly so called with unprecedented and unparalleled relish…lol

  11. tobbyjohnson
    October 07, 07:52 Reply

    And d second pics..can I take off d panties already!!!

  12. Keith
    October 07, 08:31 Reply

    U sure he is straight? Damn! He brings a whole new meaning to the word sexy!

  13. Mr Bassey
    October 07, 12:09 Reply

    Oh no!!!, I can’t breathe ….chai!! See cakes oooo….I do wanna do things to him that should definitely be illegal…. Abasi mmi mbok, se mien doooo ye uto idomo abuk idem uto’m.

    • gad
      October 07, 12:37 Reply

      I thought that Latin has gone extinct

      • Ruby
        October 07, 17:05 Reply

        Dear Lord see this kind of temptation of the flesh

    • Mr Bassey
      October 07, 17:38 Reply

      Gad its Ibibio thank you very much,@ ruby.idem mfo oo,awuo afo ado okopusem.

  14. xpressivejboy
    October 07, 19:02 Reply

    Mtscheeew! No wonder IT’S tiny…; excess cakes *not interested*

  15. Lothario
    October 15, 06:41 Reply

    Lmao! He obviously had a rich sense of humour….as for this their breakup, still waiting for the real reason.

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