While promoting his upcoming new FX series, professional Oscars host Billy Crystal recently launched into a homophobic tirade about all the icky gay sex happening on TV lately, telling Television Critics Association, “Sometimes I think, ‘Ah that’s too much for me.’ Sometimes, it’s just pushing it a little too far for my taste.”

The 66-year-old veteran suffered some criticism for his remarks, and had to double-down.

Now, actor Michael Urie has responded to Crystal’s comments in the best way possible.

Speaking to the blog NewNowNext, the Ugly Betty star, Urie said: “I don’t think it’s overexposed. If gay sex on TV is too much for you, change the channel and don’t watch it.”

“I think there is far too much football on TV,” he continued. “But I’m not going around saying they should take football off the air; I’m changing the channel.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.