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Random Questions XIX

I have a friend who had been seeing this guy for about a year. And one time, when I buzzed my friend on WhatsApp, the responses I was getting alerted

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Tweet Of The Day V

Is he right or is he right! Related

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Tweet of the Day: To Live or Not Live

Something for us o think about. Related

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  1. Delle
    November 03, 09:13 Reply

    11.00 – Two guys are lying on the bed with similar thoughts cruising their minds. They are anxious, nervous, uncertain. All they need is a push.
    Who would make the first move?

    11.03 – Guy 1 decides to test fate. Using the old move, footsie, he tries to get the attention of Guy 2, fervently hoping for a positive response.

    11.08 – Well, it seems Guy 1 got more than a positive response from Guy 2 whose left leg is now buried inbetween his thighs. This is obviously the foreplay.

    11.10 – The foreplay is now heated.

    11.19 – They are ‘knacking’ right now. Guy 1, who’s the one playing bottom, seems to be in cloud 9 and Guy 2 isn’t about to fall his hand. The sex seems steamy.

    11. 20 – They’re done. Guy 1 seems like he’s mentally replaying what just happened. Guy 2 is on a train ride to Sleepville. No coziness. The typical hookup.

    You’re welcome.

  2. Norman
    November 03, 09:15 Reply

    Twenty minutes from start to finish? This quickie in this situation sha….

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