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The #MetGala Story We Wish Hollywood Would Tell

So you remember that time when Twitter generated the possible motion picture storyline starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o? Well, Twitter is sure starting to take this movie pitching career seriously.

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Tweet of the Day: Stupid Questions Straight Women Ask

A straight woman on Twitter who goes by the handle @SimplyJANETIC decided to weigh in on the topic of gay men loving gay men when she posted a picture of

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Tweet Of The Day IV

Lol. Whoever said love came easy in the gaybourhood. Related

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  1. Delle
    November 03, 09:13 Reply

    11.00 – Two guys are lying on the bed with similar thoughts cruising their minds. They are anxious, nervous, uncertain. All they need is a push.
    Who would make the first move?

    11.03 – Guy 1 decides to test fate. Using the old move, footsie, he tries to get the attention of Guy 2, fervently hoping for a positive response.

    11.08 – Well, it seems Guy 1 got more than a positive response from Guy 2 whose left leg is now buried inbetween his thighs. This is obviously the foreplay.

    11.10 – The foreplay is now heated.

    11.19 – They are ‘knacking’ right now. Guy 1, who’s the one playing bottom, seems to be in cloud 9 and Guy 2 isn’t about to fall his hand. The sex seems steamy.

    11. 20 – They’re done. Guy 1 seems like he’s mentally replaying what just happened. Guy 2 is on a train ride to Sleepville. No coziness. The typical hookup.

    You’re welcome.

  2. Norman
    November 03, 09:15 Reply

    Twenty minutes from start to finish? This quickie in this situation sha….

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