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First Quarterly Review: Lessons From Kito Diaries

So there I was, minding my own business, when I get a Facebook IM from PP asking me, in his inimitable school teacher fashion, why I hadn’t commented on KD

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Lessons Learned From ‘She Called Me Woman’ (Entry 10)

[Click here for LESSON 9] LESSON 10 From the chapter, ‘What Is Happiness’, ZH says: “I believe in living like this: if someone is not hurting you, you do not

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Get Your Designs At JSQ By DVOY

The collection ‘Bridged from paradise’ portrays the tale of a man who lives from the age of creation through to modern times. In every age, he finds himself fascinated by

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  1. Pankar
    February 03, 06:13 Reply

    Nope, that’s my ‘d-hardy’

  2. Nel
    February 03, 09:08 Reply

    What do I do when he calls me baby?
    Huh. ??

  3. Bain
    February 03, 20:00 Reply

    I’ll kuku say,it was our pastor,he is called ‘daddy’ after all….????.

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