So yesterday, a couple of friends brought to my attention the hot mess storming its way on the Facebook Timeline of an acquaintance of mine. His name is Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, and he’s a celebrated poet, who is only just coming into his own celebrity. And he is a HUNK. Dude is quite good-looking and has a good body, the kind of physicalness that can induce some thirst in some hoes. 🙂

Apparently, some hoes have been getting thirsty and going after him. And sometime last year, I think, he got into a rage on Facebook and lambasted all those who think he’s gay and have been pursuing him. His protest was very loud and as you can imagine, his very many followers fell in behind him, decrying all the gay thirstiness. Lol.

And then yesterday, I was made to go to his Timeline to see the screen-grab of a BBM chat which he updated there. See picture below.10846015_987212961292991_7583379342833869035_n

Attached to the photo are the following words of outrage and indignation he posted. Read below.

‘Must everybody be gay?

‘I’ve always been open about people’s sexuality, tolerating whatever choice people make. After all, if you chose to use your anus for a different purpose, other than excretion it is your pain and your gain.

‘What I will never tolerate however is when a gay person tries to make it his or her duty to induct me into that act. I find it disgusting to imagine, even though I respect those who find it satisfying.

‘I’m saying all this because of a fool I met on BBM (his pin 26F613FE) who is so sure I’m gay that he just will not stop pushing his luck. Someone should warn the gay folks off my back before I land in jail for murder!

‘For the record, I’m straighter than a ruler and will soon get violent in my rebuff of any such advances.

‘I don talk o!’ – KIS

Lol. To be honest, this public display of indignation did not impress me at all. Once was enough. But reiterating your sexual orientation smacks of desperation to me. But that’s just me. I’m not saying he’s gay but deeply closeted; I’m not saying he’s straight and misunderstood. I’m just saying, Stop whining for heavenssakes!

And to the – how did he put it? – ‘gay folks’ who let their thirst make them go all out on the straight guys – Seriously?! There aren’t enough gay guys in the LGBT community, you gotta go looking to sow your wild oats on the other side of the divide?

I know there’s an incredible temptation inherent in observing a good-looking male whose seeming sexual orientation makes unavailable. There’s something more attracting about that male than a good-looking male who IS gay. I understand the need to feel lust so inflamed you have to have him. I have crushed on a number of straight guys myself, and in the instance where they are my friends, I have even had to out myself to a couple of them in a bid to explore the idea that they might be receptive to my advances. I was lucky and the couple who I outed myself to, after they said ‘No’, still wanted to be friends with me. Both of them even let me flirt unabashedly with them. One of them flirts back; he says he understands that I need the release, so he doesn’t mind.

But we have to understand that ya just can’t push it. When he says ‘No’, back off. Count yourself lucky if he is polite with his refusal, because there are those whose first and foremost act of refusal is to beat you black and blue. Being careful is something that cannot be stressed enough. Not every straight guy is a closeted gay guy secretly wanting guys. And even if he is, who says you have to be the one he gets to fuck inside the darkness of his closet, hmm?

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