NBA player Dwight Howard pictured grabbing teammate’s eggplant

NBA player Dwight Howard pictured grabbing teammate’s eggplant

Screenshot - 2_13_2015 , 4_11_52 AMWhat was he feeling for down there abeg? lol. NBA player Dwight Howard was caught on camera walking to his seat, but before sitting down, he grabbed the eggplant of his teammate, who didn’t seem to like what happened. See the look on the guy’s face.

More pictures below.e1e2e3

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  1. simba
    February 13, 04:45 Reply

    HELLO, the sky is blue, lagos high traffic jam, pinky is queer…. its common joor, all these soccer players grabbing each other butt’s when they score and jumping on each other grinding… hmmmm

  2. Max
    February 13, 05:52 Reply

    Hahahahahahaha.. You need ur shrink back

    • chestnut
      February 13, 06:05 Reply

      Lol. @Max: he needs his “Kelly Rowland” back!(Although I think Kanye has appointedd himself the official defender of all things ‘Beyonce’;he’s d president of the #BeyHive!)
      @Dennis: Alobam oooo! No be my fault o! Work don start and dey want to finish ur boy! My new ogah is turning into something else this year – oh,don’t get it twisted; he was messy last year o, but this year ehn…he’s just turning into what I don’t know. No matter how hard I work, he wants me to work harder; he’s insatiable! (Pls nobody should reach for any sexual innuendo in that last sentence because I’ll just start throwing up and crying!)

    • Dennis Macaulay
      February 13, 06:24 Reply

      Max shurrup can’t I ask for my buddy again?

      ***tight hug**** I have missed you so much!
      Wait what boss? I tot you are an “unemployed man with a bold 5” just like me?

      ***moisturizing my beautiful chicken legs ****

    • chestnut
      February 13, 08:47 Reply

      Hahaha. Dennis leave me abeg. I no want problem dis morning o,I beg u.
      (Er…I have some palm oil in my house…Mcadry already offered to help u oil ur legs…hehehe)

    • chestnut
      February 13, 08:54 Reply

      **McGray**…I meant “McGray” (Mcardry,if u’ve already seen dis,abeg sorry o,no vex…honest mistake)

    • MacArdry
      February 13, 10:41 Reply

      Yet to come across a mistake honestly made.Leastwise,not on KD.
      Gie ye a pass for now,chestnut.

  3. chestnut
    February 13, 05:57 Reply

    Lol.Maybe he was looking for his nokia charger?(I know I’m always looking for mine in d oddest places…)
    The look on the “victim’s” face though… I can’t! Muahaha…

  4. Gad
    February 13, 05:58 Reply

    Haba the guy looks like he is enjoying the thing

    • chestnut
      February 13, 06:10 Reply

      Haha. I can’t tell whether that’s pain or pleasure on his face. I see him holding Dwight’s hand; I can’t tell whether he’s trying to stop him, push his hand away, or guide him to “the spot”…

      • Dennis Macaulay
        February 13, 06:42 Reply

        Wait the spot?
        This is why I missed you! You are still KDs biggest mess with Mercury trailing behind

  5. Ace
    February 13, 07:51 Reply

    I remember a guy announcing the news of this video in the lecture room today. All the black American guys started forming irritation. ” That nigga bugging” they all said.

    • chestnut
      February 13, 08:31 Reply

      Lol @ ‘”that nigga bugging” they all said’

  6. McGray
    February 13, 08:26 Reply

    Denny pls can i help u moisturise dat super sexy legs of urs?? I have palm oil oo

  7. trystham
    February 13, 09:00 Reply

    I’m just tryna imagine the convo…nuffin to it tho.

  8. Chizzie
    February 13, 09:49 Reply

    This is hot… sigh..I miss dick so much :(. The feel of it in my mouth and. –

    k I’ll stop now.

  9. McGray
    February 13, 10:11 Reply

    Oh Dear Chestie, ur HOLEhearted apology wil be accepted if u can cum again.

  10. Brian Collins
    February 13, 22:01 Reply

    You want to join Dennis and miss JOAN in the VIP section in hell abi?

  11. sexyhenry
    February 14, 06:21 Reply

    One need to see the video, both have something going on or they are used to touching and playing with eachothers dick. Howard knew what he wanted and his teammate just smiled to his touch

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