Neil Patrick Harris is poised to take home People magazine’s title of “Sexiest Man of the Year” prize, NewYork Daily News reports.

People has never had an openly gay ‘Sexiest Man’ before,” one insider said. “It would certainly make news and generate buzz for the magazine. Plus, Neil is going to be hosting the Oscars. He’s in Gone Girl, he was just on Broadway. He’s also happily married with kids. He is having an amazing year.”

While I won’t deny Mr. Harris’ good looks and charm, I couldn’t help but think of other gay guys who might make equally strong contenders for the coveted title.

Andy Cohenandy-cohen-900-600-04-15-13Like this DILF, Andy Cohen, a confessed top who is a total sexpot in an awkward, cheeky sort of way.

Anderson CooperCelebrities Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - September 27, 2013The silver-haired CNN anchorman definitely deserves to make the short list for this year’s Sexiest Man.

Michael Sammicahel-sam-360x202He was picked up by the Rams. Then he was cut. He was picked up by the Cowboys. Then he was cut again. If anyone deserves some good news, it’s Michael Sam. The title of Sexiest Man may be just what he needs after the rollercoaster year he’s had.

Alex MinskyAlex Minsky 03Because no one else can pull off being so sexy on one leg…

Ricky Martinricky-martin-underwear-boxers-360x210We’ll never forget the glorious day in March when he stepped out onto his balcony wearing nothing but a pair of striped boxers and a tramp stamp.

Zachary QuintoZQ-Widescreen-Wallpaper-zachary-quinto-11538007-2560-1600With his acting chops and tell-it-like-it-is attitude, we think Zachary will make quite the contender.

Any other ideas who should be considered People’s Sexiest Man Alive? Let us know your choices.

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