New Music: ‘See Me Now’ by Mike Daemon

New Music: ‘See Me Now’ by Mike Daemon

Mike Daemon is a Kitodiariesian who recently recorded a song about being different. The song, See Me Now, is one that talks about the need to be left alone, for one to be given the freedom to be who he or she truly is, given the insecurities that come from been different, and most importantly, finding the time to encourage oneself to be happy, and disregarding the negativity that stops you from transcending into the wonderful person that you’re meant to be.

SEE ME NOW COVERThe song is a beautiful effort. Give it a listen, after clicking to download from HERE.

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  1. McGray
    October 18, 05:50 Reply

    Kudos Mike, i think we are moving ahead. But Pinky Dear, Is he d one pictured above??

  2. king
    October 18, 06:05 Reply

    Eh nice nice nice hmmm see me now
    ….ok is this a coming out song or…..and Is that his true face and name…”DAEMON”…

  3. Absalom
    October 18, 07:00 Reply

    Nice one, Daemon. Well done. 🙂

  4. lexus
    October 18, 08:26 Reply

    OMG. I love this. It’s so great. But too much echos. but this is a cool track

  5. #TeamKizito
    October 18, 09:11 Reply

    Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’ though.. Religion & Homosexuality.

  6. JArch
    October 18, 10:15 Reply

    Getting lots of Kelly Clarkson and Jah-Cure vibe from this song… There was hint of Adele and Taylor swift just for a few seconds- barely noticeable really.

    My rating: 5.5/10

    Needs to be cleaned up properly in terms of those echoes and his enunciation. The beats are definitely on the mark.

    All in all. He did well.

      • pinkpanthertb
        October 18, 12:15 Reply

        He gave an informed take on the song. He did not scorn the efforts of the singer or deride the song. He was acting like a critic not a hater. So cut him a break.

      • JArch
        October 18, 15:09 Reply

        Lol GB ndo, I hope I did not spoil your weekend even more. However if you took the time to read my comment again, am sure you’d finally notice that am not dissing him. Plus once I found out it was a home/phone recording I gave him 7.

        Biko no vex for me ooo. It wasn’t my fault your weekend is bleh

  7. daemon
    October 18, 10:17 Reply

    Yeah I noticed the echo thing, it’s as a result of my home recording no effects(vocal tunning, autotune) in overall the song was recorded on a phone not in an actual studio so the quality may be poor, am still searching out for good studio’s plus the MONEY factor And to answer ur question @Max am a nigerian.

    • JArch
      October 18, 10:22 Reply

      Ahh that makes sense now. In that case my rating just climbed to a 7/10. If you could do something impressive such as this on a phone. Then am sure you’ll churn out something better in a studio

  8. JArch
    October 18, 10:18 Reply

    Grammy ke… Max aren’t you overexaggerating a tiny bit….. Its a cool song but c’mon Grammy nomination…seriously what kind of high grade weed are you smoking this weekend lol

  9. Aproko Pikin
    October 18, 12:08 Reply

    Good one Daemon, little above average for a recording done at home. I liked it, definitely going to listen to it over n over…

  10. daemon
    October 18, 16:10 Reply

    You can download another of my song here, including you panther

  11. daemon
    October 18, 16:11 Reply

    And make sure u tell me what you think

  12. Ace
    October 18, 18:11 Reply

    Good choice of insturmentals (Ellie Goulding’s lights). I didn’t really have a problem with the echoes because it came off as a sound effect. I just felt he put too much to sounding like a rock artiste at the expense of clarity. But considering it was recorded on a phone, it gets a thumb up from me.

  13. king
    October 19, 05:12 Reply

    Closer is so much better….at least i could hear it clearer than the first song. kudos mike….so why aren’t u using your real name or is it Daemon?

  14. victor
    October 19, 16:29 Reply

    Nice but this isn’t a phone recording unless he can tell us how its closer though

  15. daemon
    October 19, 18:56 Reply

    @Victor,I recorded the vocals on my android phone, and then had to export it to be mixed on audacity, @king,and for me using my real name, I believe it is normal for singers to maintain names other than their actual name, and also I prefer sumtin darker!

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