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It has been over a year since Kevin Terry’s sex tape was leaked. Funny thing is, I haven’t thought about him since the incident, till I was on Bella Naija and I was going through the comments section of one of the posts about Kenny Brandmuse. The infamous Bruno wrote in defense of Kenny “…I want to know his story, it’s a shame he believes in a foolish slave masters religion…”

I understand where Bruno is coming from with this statement. Heck, sometimes I share the same sentiment, but the truth is: Being gay doesn’t mean you can’t believe in God. That is the reason why I remembered Kevin Terry.

You see, Kevin Terry (pictured above) was heading a fast-rising gospel group at the time called “Kevin Terry and Predestined”, and he was slowly developing a core fan base. Just as he was about to go major, his sex tape surfaced online. The video showed him giving some guy a blow job and the internet didn’t find it funny. A blooming career came to a crashing end.

Fast forward to October last year, Deitrick Haddon (who is not a stranger to scandals) decided to reach out to Kevin for an episode of his reality show, “Preachers of LA.” According to Haddon, things were rough for Kevin and he was on the brink of suicide. During Haddon’s visit, Kevin said he had repented from his offense to God, but that he was yet to forgive himself.

Haddon & TerryDeitrick Haddon (l) with Kevin Terry (r)

preachers-of-la-haddon-terryDeitrick Haddon

kevin-terryKevin Terry

A lot of times, I wonder why it has to be one of the two. Why do the Christians believe that a gay guy has to “repent from his gayness” before he can be “worthy to be among the flock”, or why gay people feel like once you are gay, you have to not believe in something.

I do not think God is insensitive to the struggles I face daily. I doubt that He is counting down the days till He throws me in the lake of fire. So I have decided to just live my life. The reason I feel Kevin can’t forgive himself is because he is struggling with who he is and trying to conform to society’s expectations for him. If only he’d realize that he is who he is, he’d find peace when he accepts that. God will not love him (you) less; instead He will guide him (you).

To everyone that feels like Kevin. Live your life. Have no shame, baby! You just do you!

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Written By Tony Odekunle-Brown

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