No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 18)

No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 18)

When Bisi Alimi talked about how LGBTIQ persons are prone to depression on his coming out interview on Funmi Iyanda’s New Dawn, he was actually right, as recent studies has proven that depression is much more common amongst LGBTIQ people, given the way society treats them – using factors like nature, religion, culture etc as a reason to justify their very negative actions.

Being an LGBTIQ person in Nigeria is far worse and one’s chances of getting depressed are pretty high. But people who have the means can afford to leave the country with the hope of getting a better life outside the shores of Nigeria.

But how about some ordinary people who are not even informed and do not have the luxury of leaving the country? Some people do not even know that they are depressed and lack a good understanding of the illness.

Another thing in Nigeria is that it lacks dedicated professionals that LGBTIQ persons can reach out to for professional help when they are troubled; I mean individuals who really understand what goes on in the mind of an LGBTIQ person. Even the few available ones are not open to helping people as they are either really not informed or work within an organization with a political setting and never really do much.

So as a result, many resort to seeking the help of their religious leaders who often complicate things and end up oftentimes doing more harm than good, as they’ll always be quick to recommend a religious conversion, ignoring the actual reason why they were contacted and blaming it on homosexuality.

Battling with life, family, and sexuality at the same time can really be depressing and could lead one into doing a whole lot of terrible things, and the worse of it is that one could take their own life. YES! It is that serious.

NOSTRINGS in this episode treats the subject extensively with Dominic Davies of – UK’s Largest Independent Therapy Organization, that’s working with Gender and Sexual Minorities; he is an experienced and well trained certified psychotherapist with an in-depth knowledge in LGBTIQ issues.

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    August 02, 14:05 Reply

    One of my reasons of making moves of leaving Nigeria is just to have a free life…. I get to a point where I have bigger problems but no one to talk about. No One Seem to UnderstNd you! …

  2. Mike Daemon
    August 02, 16:09 Reply

    I totally get you, I have gone through it, or lemme say i am still going through things myself – because it never really goes away. Its actually one of the many reasons why i decided to do this episode, please feel free to reach out to me.

  3. king dominic
    August 03, 05:55 Reply

    It will get better. Someday,and if we join hand together believe me we have nothing to fear as far as you no your right as a citizen of nigeria:nd don’t let any one violet will get better

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