No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 21)

No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 21)

In this episode, NOSTRINGS has a beautiful discussion with a young Nigerian gay man, who came out to his family on his own volition. He talks life, denial, and coping with the everyday challenges that comes with being gay in Nigeria.
To check on this episode, click HERE.
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  1. Pink Panther
    August 31, 08:02 Reply

    ‘I don’t see what changed some rules and didn’t change other rules… Let’s build castles out of the bricks society throws at us..’ – Scarface.
    I thoroughly love this interview!

    • Mandy
      August 31, 10:57 Reply

      Pinky, is this your Scarface? He sounds so articulate and knowledgeable of his onions.

  2. Sinnex
    August 31, 10:38 Reply

    Interesting interview.

    I am not surprised. Your parents reacted the way a typical Nigerian Christian Parent would.

    I am curious, do you have any Muslim person that came out to his family? What was their reaction?

    • Posh6666
      August 31, 13:44 Reply

      Am from a konk islamic family.I didnt intentionally come out my younger broda outted me to my mum.She was mad at me for like two hours after then life went on as usual she never told my dad till he died.We dont talk about it but she’s trying to give me hints to start thinking about marriage i guess in her mind she doesnt want to know the full details just be able to get it up and give me grand kids.

  3. Posh6666
    August 31, 13:52 Reply

    Have also got some frnds who their parents have found out one way or the other here in the north honestly things were just akward for a bit after that nobody wants to talk about it.This life style is more rampant in the north than u can even imagine

    • Sinnex
      August 31, 14:44 Reply

      Biko, I need some tips on how to get a malo guy. I don’t speak Hausa so it is difficult to even communicate with them…

      • posh6666
        August 31, 15:10 Reply

        Lmaoo honestly this days alot of them aint born that way they r gay for pay cos alot are into drugs so if u can come to an agreement on price matter then u are good to go.Hardly do u hear such kito stories rampant in south n east.Well ur ish is just d language barrier

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