No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 27)

No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 27)

Are you thinking about coming out and wondering if it’ll help ease things up a little bit? Do you think “yeah he/she knows me too well, and may not have a problem with if I just spill”? Are you one of those people who say to themselves: “If they do not accept me for who I am, then they did not really love me in the first place”? Are you seeking to come out and maybe leverage upon that single decision and escape Nigeria, seeking asylum in a foreign country?

NoStrings in this episode helps you cleverly weigh options and as well realistically helps you understand what awaits that single seemingly harmless decision; it explains the pros and the cons.

The episode further provides some few basic steps that could guide the process. Do not rely upon the lies told by many. Listen for yourself HERE!

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  1. simba
    November 15, 07:13 Reply

    You know every gay man is out to certain extent… either by concious activity or kito.. now coming out is also geographically classified…I know lots of Naija folks out abroad but closseted in Naija..example my cousin lol.. and heh no easy way coming out lol.. some have relief while some enter hell …

  2. pete
    November 15, 07:23 Reply

    Nice episode. Touched on most important issues

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