No Strings With Mike Daemon: Kito Special 2

No Strings With Mike Daemon: Kito Special 2

A young Nigerian gay man Isaac (not real name), who looked between the ages of 20-22, was trapped in a house with another young man who lured him into coming over to his house after they had several conversations with each other on the interactive whatsapp media chat application.

The incidence happened in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria on December 13th 2015.

Upon arrival at the scene of the incidence, NoStrings observed that the room was already filled up with people holding plank sticks as they slapped and beat the young victim up. He was naked, and begging that it wasn’t his fault that he was gay, and that he has been trying to change for some time, but has failed each time.

Upon further inquiry, Isaac revealed that he knew the guy he came to see from a chemist where he goes to get drugs for his asthmatic mother. They had been good friends for some time and have been having regular conversations both over the phone and on different chat applications.

Isaac said: “We were only chatting as good friends until when he inquired about why I was so serious with him, and if I was in love with him. I told him that I really liked him and that I felt like I was with a woman each time I was with him, so he invited me over so we could see to talk more, that was when I decided to go see him.

“I realized I was gay in 2008, while I was still in school, and ever since then I have found it really hard to stop.”

The guy who organized the setup revealed to NoStrings: “I knew this guy was a homosexual when he started calling me frequently and constantly wanting to meet me. He comes to get drugs for his asthmatic mother from my chemist, and that is when we exchanged numbers. I travelled to Lagos for my football training and came back, and that was when we agreed to meet.

“I actually thought he was joking until when he came to my house, and asked that we have sex. That was when I excused myself to go to the bathroom to call my friends on the phone, who mobilized friends and neighbors. However, I have asked them not to beat him, but really I may not be able to help the situation if they go against that.

“Right now, we are waiting for his parents to come, so that we can inform them of the situation, so that they can know what their child is doing. We wouldn’t want to proceed with arresting him or anything of that nature, as the family is a good customer and they do not have money to get him out of the situation if the matter goes to the police,” he concluded.

Isaac claims he is not out to his parents. Should they find out about the situation, he may face rejection. “The people I live with are not my biological parents, I only came to Port Harcourt to help them, and if they find out, they may send me back to the village,” he revealed.

The gay clime in Nigeria has become dire to the extent that even young people are organizing groups to trap suspected homosexuals, either via social media networks or from social meeting places, luring them into coming over to their houses. And upon arrival, they will ask their victims to strip naked and pretend to be in co-operation while they make calls, seize their clothes and threaten to expose them, oftentimes, getting violent in the process.

So many cases like these go unreported by the Nigerian mainstream media.

NoStrings Podcast gathered the complete detail of the incidence in this episode of the podcast, as the entire conversation was captured in voice both from Isaac the victim and the other young man who organized the setup. Click HERE to download.

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    December 17, 06:37 Reply


    My Portharcourt city! Why are we like this? What is even going on in this country?

    I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday who pointed out that the law does not say anything about “intent to commit homosexual acts” therefore the fact that someone lured you to his house with the conversation you people were having does not mean anything unless you have sex. He also clarified that the law criminalised the act of homosexuality only, in other words being gay is not a crime but practicing the sex act itself is the crime.

    I did tell him that in court most of this will not matter as long as it’s a homosexuality case, because it will be down to the bias of the judge and the Nigerian legal system gives a lot of power to the judges and this power is prone to abuse by personal bias.

    Anyway I am not a lawyer which is why I m asking; Khalessi, legal koboko, Porshe etc your thots on this subject please…

    • Maximus
      December 17, 07:17 Reply

      Posh???? Seriously??
      I wouldn’t be caught dead in court with that one as my lawyer… The case would be lost before it even begins.

      • Chizzie
        December 17, 09:29 Reply

        Someone that is still struggling to afford a data plan, hence his absence.

        • Teflondon
          December 17, 13:00 Reply

          Or Moderated/restricted/banned from commenting perhaps. the things that happen behind the scenes these days.. let me just Zip it for now.

          • Pink Panther
            December 17, 14:52 Reply

            Keep fishing for my trouble, you hear, Teflondon? Just keep fishing. I’ll just sit here and not say a word. But one day, your bait will hook and that thing you’re looking for will come to you.

            • Jamie
              December 17, 19:16 Reply

              LOL… You just sounded so funny to me now…

  2. ken
    December 17, 06:40 Reply

    This is crazy! Very annoying. The worst part is that you will be surprised that the person that organized the setup is probably gay too – there are gay guys who so much hate themselves/sexuality that they are willing to inflict the pain they feel on someone else. Real straight guys dont have the time or patience for setups. It just breaks my heart what we do to ourselves in tb community, all out of internalized homophobia.

    Its high time the gay community begin to mobilize itself. If real change is going to come we cant remain anonymous and invisible to our country. We have to aspire to become leaders and captains of industry and judges…perhaps president. these are the people that cause real change

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 17, 06:50 Reply

      There are gay judges, and policy makers and captains of industry. The thing is do they accept that they are gay? And are they willing to do anything to advance the cause? Albeit even secretly? Are you telling me that out of those 109 Senators who passed that bill, there was no gay one among them? Not even one? Because the only person that voiced opposition to that bill in the previous Senate was a woman Daisy Danjuma and she objected that based on the marriage act (of 1978 I think) marriage was already between a man and a woman only, no need for another law. The gay Senators prolly troway face while texting the uniabuja boys they will slaughter that night!

      My dear it’s not about having gay men in influential positions, it’s about having gay men that are willing to do whatever to advance the cause without coming out even.

      If you have a case involving homosexuality today try getting a gay lawyer to help you, he will wriggle out of it fast and run away!

      • shuga chocolata
        December 17, 07:02 Reply

        your last statement stands to be corrected, I’ve had a case before, and my gay lawyer came to my rescue.

          • ken
            December 17, 07:15 Reply

            You are sort of right. But there is a difference between gay men and MSM. Its all about acceptance of who u are as a person, and being as true and honest as you can be.

            My point is we who are now secure in our sexuality and know exactly whats at stake need to start engaging and plotting this change we so desperately need. Cos if we are waiting for str8 or MSM to do the needful, it will never happen. We need to form a real group and community to assert pressure and force those MSM senators to stop their hypocrisy.

            • Mandy
              December 17, 07:19 Reply

              Even though to a degree, you’re right, that distinction between gay and MSM just gives some people the excuse to nurture their internalized homophobia and let it flourish. Some gay people hate themselves too. Period! They are gayer than the rainbow unicorn, and yet they live in self denial.

              • Maximus
                December 17, 07:26 Reply

                Most gay people I’ve met believe they’re not normal, so trying to get them to cooperate will be a challenge because all they really care about is the occasional/frequent hookups (DontAskDontTell) arrangement they have with different people. They’re satisfied with that.

  3. Maximus
    December 17, 07:14 Reply

    I don’t think I can listen to it.. Not right now..

    I’ll burn down that asshole’s shop if I was that dude btw when everything is over.

    This is very very very very very sad. Everywhere you look, depression is always lurking in the corner. I can’t be depressed today, not today..not this week..

    I wonder how these people feel justified to carry out such a despicable act on another human being. Did the boy try to force you to have sex?? Or you were just trying to find relevance in your worthless life? Calling friends, really? Because there’s a demon in the room that needs to get exorcised??

    I always feel the helplessness of those people in that situation each time I read stuff like this. And I hate the fact that there’s nothing I can do to help.. ??????????

  4. pete
    December 17, 07:23 Reply

    PH *spits* this is terrible.
    OAN, I’m thinking of setting up an escort service company where you can pick guys of your specifications free from hassles.

    • ken
      December 17, 07:38 Reply

      Duh! What is manjam for?
      Dont nobody wanna pay for that. Besides they will still set u up by pretending to be one of ur models

    • Stranger
      December 17, 11:32 Reply

      Aren’t you getting married before the year ends?

      • pete
        December 17, 12:41 Reply

        So? Does getting married exclude me from running a business?

        • Maximus
          December 17, 15:52 Reply

          So you’ll tell your wife that you’re opening a gay whoring business?

          I guess she’ll be very proud..

          • keredim
            December 17, 16:06 Reply

            I think when the money starts rolling in, she will be open-minded and wear the benefits of the business venture with “pride”

  5. Oturugbeke!
    December 17, 07:40 Reply

    I was really hurt yesterday after listening to the podcast that I lashed out at Mike. I felt so much pity for the child and how he was stripped, and at at the mercy of others like a criminal who had stolen in the market. I felt mad that he couldn’t get help. This could happen to any of us, even with people we know and have been fucking for years. Mike, I believe you can do better, not just running off to go get the gist. With the number of people you have interviewed previously and considering their calibre, you could have pulled a few strings through your contacts and offered him a better opportunity, than just acting like “No Strings Attached.” Also, I never heard the interview you had with him, because the thing kept repeating… If you are having issues. Kindly have your recordings uploaded on or trust me there wouldn’t be any mess ups…. Your voice *sigh* in all sincerity tone it down a little, because at some point you almost became inaudible and your intonation a tad confusing. All the same well done.

  6. Mike Daemon
    December 17, 07:56 Reply

    My dear, I followed up the issue, I dint just go to get an interview, I made the young guys see reasons, at some point they were saying that I could be gay, I did not even know how to beg anymore. They were supposed to arrest him, but you and I know that taking him to the police would’ve made everything worse. I reminded them that arresting him will make no difference as he won’t be the one to pay from his pocket. And they knew that the family was struggling financially. They released him in the night, when the parents came to pick him up. Right now he is on the street. REJECTION!

    However Oturugbeke, please tweet me using @nspodcast1 so that I can send a direct file to you that’s is if you are on whatsapp or bbm.

    • Delle
      December 17, 08:56 Reply

      Oh my God! He was thrown out? I can’t bear this, it’s so hurtful!
      Can’t anyone here be of help? All the Port-harcourtians? Anybody?
      *crying hysterically*

  7. sinnex
    December 17, 08:33 Reply

    So that is how one small boy wanted to set me up in my house kwa.

    We have been doing the do oooo, even when I told him I was no longer interested, he kept on coming. So one night, he said he wanted me to fuck his ass, he asked me to get condom, when I got it, he asked me to put it on. We went to my room and he asked me to lie on the bed, I was already happy. Before, I knew what was happening, the guy ran out of the room and locked me inside. He was even with the house keys. O’boi fear catch me ooo. I had to break the door. The guy said he was joking but within me I knew he wasn’t. The next day he came with a guy to house. The issue here is that when he came he was talking with someone, I asked who he was talking to before opening the door, he said he was alone. As I was about to open the door, I saw someone hiding in the dark.

    That was the last time I allowed the guy inside my house. He kept on coming and calling me. I had to block him on WhatsApp and Barred his line. The guy still dey disturb me sha.

    The issue is that I thought only those who visit others were the ones who were set up, but for a guy to even try setting me up in my house is something.

    We all just have to be careful. Things was better when I was still a virigin. I had nothing to worry about. My porn and hands were doing a very good job.

    • Chizzie
      December 17, 09:10 Reply

      Stop sleeping with local ppl that listen to songs about sharing the gala and the booze like you. Aim higher. ????? Anyone who listens to Florence and the Machine, London Grammar, Haim, Grimes, Alt J and the rest is too oriented or affluent to kito anyone. You see why Chizzie ‘s Jukebox is relevant to your life and the lives of KD readers

      • Whisperer
        December 20, 04:09 Reply

        Upon joining KD I was told “hey, watch out for chizzie! Dude is a bitch!” But uhm your comment just “unbitched” you and “classified” you lol. It makes a whole lot of sense!

    • Chizzie
      December 17, 09:10 Reply

      Stop sleeping with local ppl that listen to songs about sharing the gala and the booze like you. Aim higher. ????? Anyone who listens to Florence and the Machine, London Grammar, Haim, Grimes, Alt J and the rest is too oriented or affluent to kito anyone. You see why Chizzie ‘s Jukebox is relevant to your life and the lives of KD readers

      • sinnex
        December 17, 09:54 Reply

        You are relentless.
        Unfortunately not everyone is Sapiosexual. Some are into guys who are rough around the edges. It gives them the thrill.

      • Duke
        December 17, 10:15 Reply

        Lmao! Don’t I just love Chizzie! Lmao! I am dying laughing at this comment. As stupid as it may look at first glance, it has some truth. Little things about a person like their choice in music, movies and books goes a long way in revealing what they are capable of.

        • Lothario
          December 17, 15:28 Reply

          Books? Sometimes, that’s a bit of a far reach

  8. Delle
    December 17, 08:49 Reply

    Port-harcourt ooo! More reasons NOT to ever step my dancing feet in it! How can one city reek of such rejection and terrible homophobia? It’s saddening to say the least. The funniest of all being that most of the men that actually bug me (and so many others, I’m sure), are all based there. Now I know never to indulge even the sincerest of them.
    That chemist boy is just a big fool, a wicked saddist and an ambitious architect of evil! God, I wish I had more vitriolic words to classify that low life with. You say you do not want him beaten but you called a mob, right? Did u really think an angry mob you mobilized would spray money on the boy with the very suggestive scenario? Some guys could be foolish for Africa shaa.
    I hate this country. Boko Haram should just wipe us all out, we aint living lives here anymore. If a human being would do this to his fellow brother (who actually patronises you in your business), then nothing is impossible anymore. Maybe we should all be celibates. The set-ups are overwhelmingly increasing by the second, no one is safe. Yesterday, it was the police…today, it’s a hungry chemist (not even a certified pharmacist). Isn’t that in itself, a crime? No, it’s not…in so far as it’s not two men having sex, selling of fake, unlicensed drugs to innocent citizens isn’t criminal.
    Damning country!

  9. Chizzie
    December 17, 08:59 Reply

    Im actually more pissed at this Matt Damon person because you sounded really mean, and irritated. It sounded like you were talking down at the victim and demanding that he tells you things in an accusatory tone. There was no difference btwn u and the homophobes, if I hadn’t heard your faux phonetic before I would have been convinced you were also homophobic.

    I get you were trying to play it safe and straight as the environment was very hostile, but the only thing that was achieved was that the victim was humiliated and u were there to cover it and take pictures.

    I dunno but there should be like standard protocol on how to handle such things, the human rights groups to contact, and NGOs and lawyers to reach. Its not a matter of going there to ask belittling questions in what was just amateur journalism at its peak.

    • Mike Daemon
      December 17, 10:55 Reply

      @Chizzie, Please how exactly have you helped? How can you help us here? Are you one of the few who are still very much hopeful that things will get better here in Nigeria? Then focus on how we can do things correctly and effectively. What we do here is not a joke, constantly maintaining, managing and upgrading a website, writing countless emails professionally begging people even fellow LGBT people for interviews, jumping here and there to capture views, designing graphic posters, even risking myself and putting a face to the community here is not easy AT ALL. It drains you out and you spend MONEY to do all of all these things. You no send me work, I am doing my best and here you are condemning and complaining… can you do better?

      • Teflondon
        December 17, 13:19 Reply

        **Claps for you Mike**

        Keep doing what you do, let haters condemn! they can only make cricket sounds in the dark background while you rise above them.

  10. simba
    December 17, 09:02 Reply

    I suggest,every person in this blog, send at least #200 to Mike Daemon… He should find a way to help the poor guy and take him off street in this cold. Mike send ur account, I ‘ll pay in something.. it’s Christmas, let’s help the poor dude.. he may be our 1st gay president tomorrow

    • Delle
      December 17, 12:23 Reply

      Aww…how sweet of you! I just wish KDians would just quit the talk for a minute and perform some action just like you’ve done. Your benevolence won’t go unrewarded honey. Much love. Xoxoxo

    • Lothario
      December 17, 15:32 Reply

      You’re so right Simba, please Mike I support this…. Send your account number, let’s do what we can for a brother in need.

  11. Terra
    December 17, 09:13 Reply

    Guys. This country is lost. There’s no point. Nigeria is a shithole. There’s no saving Nigeria and Nigerians. Save yourselves. As soon as I’m able, I’m gonna grab my shit and get the hell out of dodge

  12. kacee
    December 17, 11:07 Reply

    omg *holding back tears* I just cant… wth did he do wrong…

  13. Chuck
    December 17, 12:38 Reply

    Your theatrics get in the way of the message. I’d rather pay attention to more professional NGOs, like the guy featured on PBS. Do straight people listen to your podcast and recognize the strength of your human rights arguments? Do gay people listen and get strength from the stories you tell? If not can you really say you have a message?

    • Teflondon
      December 17, 13:16 Reply

      its easy for you to condemn someone else’s work; you sit and hide behind your keyboard while you yap away jagonz. what exactly are you doing for the community? that is noteworthy?

      Here is someone trying his best, at the very least he is doing something and what have you got to say?
      shame on you chuck!

      get off your high horse.

      • Chuck
        December 17, 15:33 Reply

        One of the rules of intervention (articulated by Barack) is “Don’t do stupid shit.” Daemon makes unforced errors and seems more interested in finding a story than helping victims. There are NGOs that help homeless LGBTQ kids, NGOs that provide legal support. Couldn’t he have notified them? Instead he inserted himself into the situation to get details and stories for his podcast.

        I donate to Charities and NGOs. My “high horse” is simply solid ground. This is not the time to point out the incoherence of asking us to refrain from opinion on a blog that demands discussion of LGBT issues.

    • Mike Daemon
      December 17, 15:47 Reply

      Oh Yeah @Chuck, they listen a lot, i get a lot of them emails from to confirm that, and if we are not professionals enough here, why then do you come to an independent platform like KD to register your poisonous comments? is KD an NGO too? Oh, God! So much hate within the community and this is exactly why some very powerful LGBT people are refusing to help with LGBT projects in Nigeria. Projects that could help assist with creating awareness, educate the general public, and oh yes! and that was exactly why they were so silent when the bill was passed and signed, because they know there are vultures within the community. I wouldn’t exactly like to say that you are one, but if you continue this way, then, you just might fit under a certain category. Think of what you can do, leave me alone, I can’t bring it on cos i have no drama in me!

      • Chuck
        December 17, 16:42 Reply

        Your line of reasoning here is muddled, Daemon.

        1. Your mien on the podcast is not professional, which means your message is not getting the reach it could.

        2. I comment on you here only because I think it’s important to see that your actions at the scene might have been counterproductive to your stated goal of educating the public and reducing homophobia.

        3. Are you blaming me for your inability to get serious organizations on board? Blame your accent(s). your demeanour, and the quality of the work you’re doing.

        4. Your characterization of me as a vulture is incorrect. Am I feeding on the carcass of your efforts?

      • keredim
        December 17, 17:02 Reply

        @Mike, you are really trying and one has to applaud you regardless of the techniques used to get the story.
        The bottom line is, it is out there now. We see it. It is on record for the world to see as an example of the human rights violation against LGBT people in Nigeria.

        You and I don’t see eye to eye on certain issues, which I will not go into here, so as not to detract from this issue, but I ask you this with good intentions…

        Do you think the bickering, on KD, is keeping prominent LGBT (National and International) away from helping important LGBT projects in Nigeria? Projects that could help in stopping this guy’s harsh treatment?

  14. Jeova Sanctus Unus
    December 17, 13:13 Reply

    1. He isn’t a teenager.
    2. There are a dozen of NGO’s you could’ve called immediately you got the tip.
    3. Getting them to cover his nakedness was the easiest thing you could’ve pulled off.

    This is a sad situation and I admire your efforts. This isn’t stuff you do alone, please build your network. If there’s anyway we can help the boy, please tell us.

    And please, quit getting defensive all the time.

    *Dennis, this is a chance to live up to your lordship. We know you can do it. You’ve done it before, you can do it again.

  15. Eddie
    December 17, 13:16 Reply

    I’m angry at the victim….he tried to hookup with a random guy that he liked and met in a random public place….recipe for trouble…i’m not claiming James Bond o but at least I try my best to be extra careful in Ph….PH ain’t all that bad jor…this just further validates my decision to stay on my own…watch porn and let “palmela” do her thing…..word of advice tho,if u have to be risky and frisky then pls get a gun or a knife or something

    • Delle
      December 17, 15:44 Reply

      Palmela? Hahahaha…iDied!

  16. Eddie
    December 17, 13:23 Reply

    Fancy him calling the boy’s people with boldness and conviction as if he was doing something spectacular by outing and humiliating the poor lad…

  17. Teflondon
    December 17, 13:42 Reply

    Yes i saw this already yesterday! and its a sad situation really. i don’t even pray my enemy; THIS!
    its a very shameful situation, one that can make you commit suicide right after.

    Mike keep doing what you do! Keep doing that little bit you can.. it will pay off at the end. at this initial stage its okay to make mistakes and not be so perfect with your delivery and the things you are trying to do. but be persistent, be consistent, be driven (like you are already anyways). people will criticize, find faults, look for problems instead of being a solution. but you just have rise above them all.

    i am also with Pete on raising something for the guy involved. can the admin organize something on how we (Kdains) can help? and fast for that matter.

    If i was in PH right now, i would already be by this guys side offering comfort, shelter and whatever i have to ease his plight. this is what i expected from certain Old people (30 years & Above) of the blog to be doing right now rather than just forming voltron in the comment section and talking about sexual rendezvous like some spoilt teenager. the old people on this blog need to do more really, we need them to stand up and be grown ass. Give the younger ones coming behind you some hope. not just talk and no action.

    • Maximus
      December 17, 16:10 Reply

      “If i was in PH right now, i would already be by this guys side offering comfort, shelter and whatever”

      << I don't even trust the poor dude with you.

  18. Magdiva
    December 17, 18:02 Reply

    I listened to the podcast and frankly I’m not sure who I’m more angry with. The situation or Mr Daemon. Like the situation the victim found himself in wasn’t bad enough, you victimised and humiliated him all over again with those unnecessary questions.

    I get you are not trying to blow your cover (whatever that might be) but were those questions necessary and did they need to be that aggressive?

    This whole thing is just depressing

  19. Khaleesi
    December 17, 18:50 Reply

    about 500 years ago in medieval Europe, it was acceptable and indeed seen as a sacred duty to hunt down and burn men and women who were perceived to be involved in witchcraft, the perpetrators of these acts were sure and deeply convinced that their actions were just and that they were doing the Lord’s good work … several centuries later in Nigeria, we can draw a parallel with how the homophobes hunt down and torment gays … further confirming my view that Africa in so many respects is several hundred years behind in terms of delevlopment … unfortunately, we as gays are caught in the intersection of religious, cultural and homophobic hate ….
    Sad story,…

  20. simba
    December 17, 19:15 Reply

    So no account,so no help for the poor guy… It’s a shame.. Am really disappointed..Mike Daemon,.

  21. sensei
    December 17, 23:58 Reply

    Admin, pls can we raise funds for the victim? Pls! Pls! Pls!

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