Came the message on WhatsApp. From a number whose contact I didn’t own.

Na so you dey forget person, abi?

That followed after.

I ignored the chat till I was settled for the day with clients whose projects I was in charge of. I responded later at 2pm with a curt ‘If you were important, I’d have remembered you.’ That was meant to discourage any more response.

It didn’t. He replied with, ‘C’mon, you don’t forget a dick like mine so soon, especially since you didn’t get to take it beyond oral.’

I laughed disdainfully, at this fool, and delayed responding until I got home. And then, I told him to take his hope of a dick which wasn’t memorable in the first place and shove it in a keyhole. I just wasn’t feeling the guy.

Two weeks later, he said hi again. This time, he followed it with. ‘Remember when you sucked me and didn’t lemme fuck you?’

Hmmm… I thought to myself, Who be this one na? Typing back, I said, ‘Hello, who are you?’

He said, ‘It’s me, Stephen.’ (His real name. Believe me, for the benefit of this story, I wish I had more than just his first name)

After he said his name, immediately it came back to me. Austin’s apartment, making out with Stephen, fellating him, then standing up and announcing I was leaving. He begged me, I remembered. But I was not having any more of it.

‘Hi Stephen, long time.’ I smiled as I typed this message, knowing I had something which he wanted and I wasn’t willing to give him. He asked me about Clarence, his friend who he hooked me up with in my school, and then he asked how much we were shagging these days. We chatted a bit after that, before I had to go back to work.

We kept on chatting for about a week till he asked me when I could come to see him. I chuckled, and said I wouldn’t. A couple of weeks of chatting later, Stephen asked me again to come and see him. This time, I obliged, but not after I got him to promise that there would be no funny business.

The day we scheduled to see was on Wednesday. It was my day off work. We didn’t spend too much time with each other. We talked for a while and after about an hour, I left. We planned to see again that weekend.

Saturday came, and I couldn’t make it, but I promised to visit the next day. This time, we made out. And I confessed that I liked him. He replied, “Then, let’s make love.” I laughed at that, and asked him to let us take things slow. We scheduled to see a week later, and this time, I’d prepared myself for his schlong. I was tired of feeling it and not taking it up my ass and in turn giving him mine.

Sunday came with me whistling a tune. I called to remind him of our meeting, and by 10, I was off to his house. I arrived to meet him in all his glory, as he had just showered and was in a towel. Immediately, we pounced on each other and began to make out. Then, he pulled back from me, staying the action, and asked me to talk with him. I was not a little bewildered by this. He interrupted something-that-could-lead-to-sex for us to converse? That was my line, not his. By this time, he had opened a pack of 5alive, and offered me a glass, from which I sipped while we talked.

Or so I think we did.

All I remember, after putting that glass to my mouth, is waking up to Stephen and two others whispering in a corner; I recognized one of them as Austin. I strained at my limbs a bit, and quickly came to the realization that I was tied. Noticing my wakefulness, Stephen came up to me and said, “You deserve this!”

And then I felt his dick drill into me, to the hilt. I’d never screamed louder than I screamed then. The pain of that first unforgiving thrust was much more than I could bear. I felt tears sting my eyes. I blubbered and I begged. He slapped hard me on the back and kept fucking me. He came inside me, heaved off my body, and then Austin took over. All I could see then was the next cock being wanked to take over from Austin.

Then I heard his voice. It was Clarence. God, that dude has a cock that will make Love And Sex In The City’s Paschal jealous. He announced that it was his turn. Then he shoved his cock up my assignment. I thought I knew pain when Stephen thrust into me. That pain dulled with Clarence’s invasion of my behind. I screamed, but no one came, as everyone had gone to church. Clarence fucked me for over thirty minutes, during which time I finally fainted.

I woke up in a dark room, but not so dark that I couldn’t see Stephen looking down at me with a sneer. “Time to go,” he said. I could barely stand, as I had haemorrhaged. I was lucky to get a taxi home. And at home, I slumped into my bed, shivering and quaking, and wrapped myself with my duvet.

And tried to forget. Oh how hard I tried to forget. I tried to bury it all, even when weeks later, I had to visit the hospital, because I couldn’t sit well or pass faeces. The doctor told me I had an abscess, that could lead to a fistula, and that I needed an L&D. Ad I had to undergo two surgeries to repair the physical damage done to me by that ordeal.

But the psychological damage? That is a long road I’m going on. No trust, no love, no submission, not even for anyone hoping to date me. But like I said, I’m trying to forget and carry on with my life.

Written by iDuke

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