We’re in love, Melvyn and I. And we want to share bits of our happiness. Updates of our life together. We will be taking turns to write this series. I’m Carl. He’s Melvyn to you. But he’s Bae❤ to me.

So Bae❤ is now here. After ten long months of being apart, he’s here with me. It was a long wait, filled with uncertainties, temptations, fights. But we made it through. In a week, we’ll be celebrating our 14-month anniversary. Remember THIS STORY of how we met and our six months together? Good times.

A relationship, being with someone, is never rosy – especially when you two live together. We are obviously from different families and different backgrounds with different upbringings, and so, there is bound to be behavioural differences, issues, flaws and all.

But the important thing is to never let any of these to overshadow the love you feel for your partner. I have taken Melvyn to be my best friend, lover and brother. I see him as family. This way, everything becomes easier for me to deal with. He’s been here now for two weeks and we are moving along.

This episode is kind of a pilot entry. So I won’t want to write much.

But here’s something: Bae ❤ can be petty. Good Lord. He can search and sniff around and take note of things for Africa and Asia combined. After he settled in, he went as far as digging up stuffs from my deleted items. It wasn’t funny.

On our way back from the church the other day, I beckoned on a passing black guy to take a snapshot of Bae❤ and I. After this stranger took the picture, he brought out a camera from his pocket and asked to take a snapshot with me. It was so random, I didn’t even know when I agreed. And as if to salt the wound, he asked Bae❤ to take the snapshot. Y’all should’ve seen his face as he took the picture. In my mind, I was like: Why today, Satan? Why today?

It was lucky for me that I didn’t actually know this dude. If the guy had been anything more to me than a stranger, who knows, maybe some drama would have ensued right there at the park.

Bae❤ and I have division of labour. Mine is to make meals and his is to give me a massage at least twice a day.

Okay! I have to run now. He’s on a phone call, which is taking longer than necessary. Let me go and distract him and make him end that call. Na from clap dance dey start! I can’t shout abeg. See you guys next week.