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  1. MagDiva
    August 23, 04:43 Reply

    I stopped reading at “A real man takes care of the finances”. I’ve not had my coffee yet, so not equipped to deal with this level of stupid. Smh

  2. WhoIsUgo
    August 23, 06:33 Reply

    Lmao! Who is this lunatic? He’s like that character in Atlanta that swore his bf was a woman.

  3. Kenny
    August 23, 08:17 Reply

    Funny enough, many bottoms also think like this, that the tops are supposed to take care of them. #sigh

  4. Canis VY Majoris
    August 23, 08:30 Reply

    Sigh all these gender/role assignments and heteronormative ideologies are exhausting. Can’t we just be…?

  5. beejay
    August 23, 08:35 Reply

    Wow. Just when you think you’ve seen (read?) it all! Why’s it so hard to understand that the very foundation of being homosexual lies in equality? Providers and Nurturers? This guy needs a desperate dose of reality.

    • Delle
      August 23, 09:30 Reply

      …another pill of common sense and reasoning.

  6. Delle
    August 23, 09:29 Reply

    Someone should hand this guy a plaque for making no sense whatsoever with very good English.

  7. himbo
    August 23, 09:48 Reply

    This one should be culled.

  8. Leo
    August 23, 10:00 Reply

    ????. I can’t even deal right now

  9. Jase
    August 23, 10:16 Reply

    The fuckery? I couldn’t finish reading this.

  10. omiete
    August 23, 12:16 Reply

    i gave up at ‘Real men’ this is so insulting.

  11. quinn
    August 23, 13:29 Reply

    I’m with equality on this one, He should explain further in a book, sounds interesting, stupid, but interesting…

  12. Eddie
    August 23, 15:50 Reply

    I think if you like somebody then you should be willing to do nice and spontaneous things for them and to assist them in their areas of need if they aren’t able at the time…. Nothing hetero normative about that,is there?

    • DeadlyDarius
      August 23, 20:14 Reply

      Seriously? You think that’s the problem with that post?

      *face palm*

  13. Gaia
    August 23, 20:38 Reply

    I died when he allocated the house chores to the BOTTOMS… lolz

  14. ParishiltonBff
    August 24, 19:33 Reply

    I stopped reading when he got to “A real man” stfu with that BS we are all men no matter the role we play. Thats how some dude told me I’m not dateable because I don’t do chores. Like fuck you!! I cant come to your house to be treated like a slave and sex doll when I have my own house. Even my sugar daddy that take care of the bills don’t expect me to cook and clean! I hate how tops feel so superiors to bottoms. Like hunny we all homos no matter who’s top or the bottom.

  15. Chizzy
    August 26, 13:38 Reply

    That is how one thinks that all bottoms are transgenders…. Seriously ?

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