Photo: Bring It Down, Tyson Beckford

Photo: Bring It Down, Tyson Beckford

If you ask me who my biggest celebrity crush is, I would skip Ramsey Noah, Channing Tatum, Shemar Moore and land on Tyson Beckford. He’s black as ebony, built like a god, got lips that look like they’d introduce me to seven different kinds of heaven –

And he has something I desperately want him to reveal by tugging down those damned shorts!   10450683_732797416763318_2537612239421984764_n

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  1. chestnut
    July 11, 08:13 Reply

    Ty Beckford *sigh* the crush of my youth (and adulthood). This man is an exhibitionist tho; it seems everywhere u turn,u see a nude pix of him(not a photoshoot o!): at events, redcarpets etc…he never passes up an opportunity to get butt-naked.he seems to think d world is a huge nude-theatre. I aint mad at him tho; he has d body to pull it off,so he…well,”pulls it off”.
    OAN: this man is like,what…50?(Or close?)…*sigh* God,why was I not created like dis biko?

    • Dennis Macauley
      July 11, 09:47 Reply

      He was not “created like this”! He works(ed) hard for that body! There is such as thing as the gym

      *continues chanting Psalm 21*

      • kendigin
        July 11, 16:24 Reply

        Lol. Y must u only post muscles and abs and prick. Tops r not taken care of here. Smh

  2. Dennis Macauley
    July 11, 16:48 Reply

    So tops don’t appreciate muscles and abs? #LeSigh! Such stereotypes are silly! I don’t wear the “top” label on my forehead like it is a badge of honor, but I do appreciate a nice muscled man!
    PS: Muscled men make the best “cars” to drive

  3. Absalom
    July 11, 21:07 Reply

    lol. Its not about stereotypes na but balance. There are all kinds of men and I think the blog can try to take care of as many attraction-interests as possible.

    Aunty Pinky can welcome submissions of these kinds of pics from KDians themselves if his, uh, biases will get in the way of satisfying everyone. Kkbye!

  4. engorgio
    July 11, 23:32 Reply

    I taya o, muscles don’t move me an inch. I prefer them soft and juicy

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