Photo: Hotties Of The Day

Photo: Hotties Of The Day

So I was scouting through Twitter, as usual, when I happened on the delight for today. Specially grilled meat a la sexy ๐Ÿ˜‰

And with them comes a question. In the fine print below the picture, the tweep who posted the photo asks: Which One Could Smash Your Guts Out? I suppose this is a question for the Bottoms and Versatiles (lol)

hottieOya o, take your pick and tell us why your salivating self wants him over the others, cos me, Iโ€™m still drooling over the merchandise. All of ’em.

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  1. lluvmua
    June 12, 05:46 Reply

    *screams , jumps around, twerk,tears g string,whip hair nd slit wrist.* oh my gosh I love all of emmm . I don’t mind a 4some though *runsaway* . Ok lemme be serious. I prefare contestant number 1 from d right. Cuz 1 he’s tall, has a cute face nd I can begin 2 imngine him banging me aiidy. *winks* *flips peruvian hair*

  2. lluvmua
    June 12, 06:04 Reply

    Lol @aunty pink *winks* if by any chnce I get to date 1 ehn I go mke sure say I taste all of dia lolli…. (Who nor like betta tin)

  3. blue fox
    June 12, 06:50 Reply

    for me it’s the middle guy, check out his feet. that’s some huge leg and u know the theory of the big feet n big c**k is so true ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Chizzie
    June 12, 07:02 Reply

    not really into all these muscled hard stony men. I like my guys thick and juicy and soft…so pass.

  5. Deola
    June 12, 07:33 Reply

    If I would choose the one on the left.
    But with most chilsed men like this always comes huge egos, attitude and a feeling of entitlement
    I don’t need my guy to be perfect physically I need him to be a good person and have a wonderful personality.

    • trystham
      June 14, 05:30 Reply

      Enough with taking words outta ma mouth already. You’s gonna be leaving me speechless soon. Less competition plus he’d prolly be packing

  6. mirage
    June 12, 07:40 Reply

    @iluvmua iam still laughing at all the stuff u wrote just pictured it like when coach sylvester in glee did a nicky minaj performance in I think glee season 6 or so.Guy you funny all those routine and the guy would probably just run off…#still laughing

  7. CeeCee
    June 12, 11:05 Reply

    All cute, but a bit too thuggish for me. I could do either of them on a drunken one-off basis, nothing steady ooo, I’d sha like to be part of a sandwich kn between the guy on the left and the one on the right …

  8. Marthy
    June 12, 11:25 Reply

    I thought the myth was about guys with large nose. I have seen guys with big feet with things that look like ube.

  9. Lothario
    June 12, 13:55 Reply

    Lmao at the ube comment…..meeehhhnnnn! Muscles are uncomfortable, soft and lush with a booty to die for is more my speed. But they look good, wish I could look like that.

  10. kendigin
    June 12, 19:04 Reply

    Hate them! Hate them all!
    May they burrrrnnnn!!!!!!

    • daemon
      July 09, 07:24 Reply

      Yea, couldn’t agree more, guys like dis comes with a load of attitude!

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