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#ManCrushMonday: Forget Yusuf Buhari. Say Hello To Usman Shagari

Sometime in May, 2015, the world of Nigerians stopped when the son of then Presidential-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, stepped into the scene and held our attention hostage. Now, especially after the

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Photo: National Chocolate Day

According to Tyson Beckford’s instagram update… So why don’t you indulge by letting us know your perfect brand of chocolate. Just so y’all know, the Idris Elba and Tyson Beckford

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  1. Rapu'm
    October 09, 05:14 Reply

    Lol. I’ll pass on this kind of job. Not for me. What’s the use of a lap-dance if there’d be no sex afterwards?

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 09, 05:39 Reply

      *chop knuckle*

      No need biko!

      I’d rather be a porn star and bang Brian Pumper

      *ask google*

      • Absalom
        October 09, 06:41 Reply

        Brian Pumper! It’s a long time I thought of him!

    • s_sensei
      October 09, 17:13 Reply

      Absalom! Porn star expert. Why aint I surprised?

  2. gad
    October 09, 05:48 Reply

    This one na job?

  3. Verified
    October 09, 05:51 Reply

    This man self… I just wanna grab him!

  4. chestnut
    October 09, 06:07 Reply

    *in #teamKizito’s voice* Hmm… Davy boy has been doin some serious squats. I saw a pix of his booty in a suit-trousers and I was like “this has got to be photo-shop”…but now, I see it’s consistent. Or is it just d way he stands? I dunno…all I know is, now he has more ass than Victoria…hell,he has more ass than 4 spice-girls put together (y’all know the 4 I’m talking about)

    • daniel
      October 09, 07:35 Reply

      Lol, “he has more ass than Victoria” chestnut u r not okay for this…..

  5. Remy Dubois
    October 09, 06:23 Reply

    Hmmm..Dennis wants to bang Brian pumper…how bout I pinch u and u wake up from your dream?

  6. Legalkoboko
    October 09, 06:28 Reply

    oh Remy, you sure know how to ruin a good dream. Remy the dream ruiner.


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