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Photo Of The Day XLI

I’ma just leave this right here and waka pass. Related

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Photo: Much Ado About Pink Lips

For those who are looking to get their sexy back with pink lips, here’s a few tips from a pro. 🙂  Did you read that? Trip at your own risk,

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  1. DI-NAVY
    June 01, 06:16 Reply

    Oh wow! Lmao!!!!! JOHN! I was silently saying “ahhhh, which kind mum’s this” before I saw the John part!lol

  2. KryxxX
    June 01, 07:44 Reply


    Well, I actually remember wearing a dress, a headtie and stillitoes(Yes! Oversized ones) to go to d market with mumsy! With my very own shopping basket! Guess mom was very open minded then cos we rocked that market scene *sigh*.

    But now eh, even to apply my eyeliner and liquid powder in her presence is war. I guess being way above eighteen doesnt count as much anymore.

  3. Kenny
    June 01, 09:14 Reply

    LMAO ? ? ?. John totally tried it

  4. Jon Snow
    June 01, 09:56 Reply

    this post just brought back memories, growing up as a pretty kid, how daddy dearest (bless his soul) got really furious when my sisters dressed me up in their dress and mumsi’s make up ???????
    (such innocence! if only they knew then)

    • Archer
      June 02, 18:27 Reply

      This brought memories too. My sisters used to dress me in their cloths too, then would me as a cousin from the states to our playmates.

  5. Dubem
    June 01, 10:07 Reply

    LMAO! Oh John, wait till you can buy your own makeup, you hear? 😀

  6. Zol
    June 01, 18:12 Reply

    He should wait and buy his make up himself, putting on make up is honestly such a confidence booster.

    • Zol
      June 01, 18:17 Reply

      And people who say guys shouldn’t wear make up need to take several seats… ?

  7. Ruby
    June 01, 18:43 Reply

    I yaff died!!!!
    I used to wear Мy aunts clothes a lot wen I was younger n I even had a brief thoroughly hidden from my family drag career btw 2011 and 2013….
    Ah memories…..
    Now anything could trigger those dagger stares n snide comments.
    But then, who cares???

  8. Delle
    June 01, 19:59 Reply

    Lol! Do I need to ask my mum all these before unleashing the Rupaul in me (which I do practically everyday)? No.
    Put them on and wiggle your fingers at her on your way out. Simple.

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