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Photo Of The Day XXV

It seems Dennis Macaulay isn’t the only KDian with the penchant for ass-crack photography. Lol. KingBey took these a couple of days ago and sent them in for the delight

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Photo Of The Day XXI

Gay-for-pay or man on the DL? Related

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The Happenings 1Comments

How about a look at the gorgeous male cast of Aladdin the live action remake?

After a search that was publicly giving Disney some major difficulties, looks like the studio has finally locked down its lead cast for the live action remake of the beloved

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  1. Bloom
    November 29, 11:20 Reply

    Castro Supreme, the most boring pornstar of them all.

    • Pink Panther
      November 29, 12:14 Reply

      Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you. The dude is a boring muthafucker.

  2. Cleo
    November 29, 15:49 Reply

    He’s not boring when he bottoms tho.

    • Yazz Soltana
      November 29, 22:28 Reply

      Dude also bottoms.

      I’ve seen he and his dick in some straight porn…

  3. quinn
    November 29, 16:57 Reply

    Thou shall know thy porn stars #teamliamriley?

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