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Facebook Post Of The Day XIX

Have you gotten your copy of the Queer Art Anthology, We Are Flowers? Get yours and download for a friend too, gay or straight. Spread the word. Related

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Waka Pass Diaries (No Kiss But Tell)

November 21 There is something odd about my sexuality that I’ve just had time to ponder on. As someone who places a great deal on intimacy and sex, there is

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But How Gay Is ‘BBNaija Double Wahala’?

To be frank, I’m not a steady fan of BBNaija. Sometimes, I tune in to see if there’s any drama going on – like that ghastly day they danced one

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  1. Henrie
    May 07, 08:04 Reply

    Such brazen confrontation and the sheer ignorance of it. So if he married a girl now his straightness has become comfirmed? What an idiot!

  2. Delle
    May 07, 08:38 Reply

    Marriage to Nigerians is given more importance than the discovery of the cure for cancer.

    I wonder what’s so wonderful, why they attach that much importance to marriage when the ones we see our parents have aren’t even encouraging.

    He must love to swim in a pool of ignorance if he thinks I owe him an explanation. Imagine the audacity. Sigh.

  3. pete
    May 07, 12:43 Reply

    The generalisation in the title and in the comments’ section is uncalled for.

  4. WhoIsUgo
    May 07, 12:51 Reply

    Little bride – Flower girl – Bridesmaid – Bride. It’s at the back of everyone’s head, the importance of settling down.
    I don’t know if it’s social conditioning or its just what I want. But I really want to settle down someday and have kids.

    • FJ
      May 07, 13:23 Reply

      While it is perfectly okay for anyone to admire and aspire such, the way and manner some bigoted idiots pressure others who don’t feel the same is unacceptable. It is highly dehumanizing to ridicule or denigrate someone just because they ain’t married or simply not into women.

  5. FJ
    May 07, 13:10 Reply

    I tire. As if all they came into the world for is just to ” born” and be born.. Nigerians are deplorable and degenerate species, the “Adam begat saul and Saul begat Methuselah” generation. Iranu!

    • Bain
      May 07, 13:38 Reply

      I told a friend once that I don’t want kids. He said, “For the fact that someone gave birth to me,I must also procreate”…that’s how most people around here think.
      They should give me a vagina na.

      • Delle
        May 07, 16:59 Reply

        Can you imagine the backwardness of that statement? What happens to the poor barren and impotent ones? Were they carved from plastercine?
        Because I was birthed, I must also procreate. Iberibe people.

        • Bain
          May 07, 17:57 Reply

          I wonder ooh…well,what do we know?,society has heaped so much expectancies on these things. couples that can’t have kids are the most miserable on the inside,only if they knew that they shouldn’t be.

  6. Mandy
    May 07, 13:17 Reply

    I dunno why I’m dumbstruck by this imbecility. But I am. Smh

  7. Quinn
    May 07, 14:51 Reply

    So e bin dey pain am since? ??. perfect response! never joke with inner peace.

  8. ambivalentone
    May 07, 18:05 Reply

    I am not so sure he will be able to utilize the proferred brain even if it ran on auto.

  9. Henry
    May 08, 22:01 Reply

    Lol. Wow! So if u re not married, u re gay. Kai Nigerians ooo. Even d bible we so much believe in says its not a crime to not get married. In fact sef Paul said its beta coz it makes u concentrate on d tinz of d lord blah blah. If its tym to now use bible n condemn homosexuality, u will tink they re bible scholars. Mtchew… Double standards everywhere.

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