Photos: NFL player Michael Sam shows some loving on GQ’s black carpet

Photos: NFL player Michael Sam shows some loving on GQ’s black carpet

kisOpenly gay NFL player, Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend Vito Cammisano on the black carpet at the GQ Man of the year event which held on Thursday in LA.
The athlete who came out in February this year clinched the title of GQ’s Man of the Year Award. See more pics of the loved up couple. 5kis2

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  1. gad
    December 07, 07:31 Reply

    Congratulations bro

  2. Handsomely Inclined
    December 07, 07:38 Reply

    This has put the definition of true love and friendship for me….

    I know for sure,something better than this will come my way….

  3. Ace
    December 07, 07:42 Reply

    Not only his he black, he is also daring. PDA on the red carpet? Chai! God o! How can something this good be wrong?

  4. B.A.D
    December 07, 07:50 Reply

    is it wrong dat I want a 3some wt them? 😉

  5. Handsomely Inclined
    December 07, 07:55 Reply

    Hahaha…B.A.D,its as bad as your name…please today is Sunday,no threesome whatsoever…,,

    Lol @Ace….how can something this good be wrong?Nice poser..

  6. Remy Dubois
    December 07, 07:59 Reply

    I will take dis guys picture picture and go to Benin…he’s so coming to Nigeria to look for me!…how dare he give all doz chocolate fantasy to a white guy…DAT ain’t right!..y’all with me?

    • B.A.D
      December 07, 08:13 Reply

      lol, bini ppl. It’s only ur witches dat fly in d daytime. Anyway when he cums sha invite me 😀

    • Deola
      December 07, 12:26 Reply

      I know right, it looks more like a painting than an actual picture. Its been retouched and air blown and photoshopped to ever drop of its existence.

  7. Kryss S
    December 07, 12:31 Reply

    What does this guy do again apart from d fact that he came out? Anyways, good for them.
    OAN: still wondering/doing d maths of his body to tool ratio.

  8. lluvmua
    December 07, 12:46 Reply

    awwwwwwww thats so adorably cute awwwwwwwwww #cleans tear. ANd on a brighter note,its my birthday!!!! wmllnp.

    • chestnut
      December 07, 13:38 Reply

      Happy birthday buddy! More blessings.

    • Deola
      December 07, 13:56 Reply

      Happy birthday dude. We are almost birthday mates. Mine was yesterday. LLNP!

  9. Paul
    December 07, 13:43 Reply

    Ds same post was on LIB n of all d homophobia 1 comment caught me.
    D lady said she’d prefer her son to be a criminal dan be gay.
    Dat @ least as a criminal he can go to jail be free and later learn his lessons..(Cnt remember hw she evn put it)
    I hv since been weeping for her.

    • gad
      December 07, 13:57 Reply

      ** offers you a handkerchief **

      • Khaleesi
        December 07, 19:02 Reply

        Thank you Gad! Nigerians are pathetic in their pig-headed homophobia … smh!!

    • Deola
      December 07, 13:59 Reply

      Bro just do as I do. I dont visit LIB again. I cant have all that negativity. The comments there, not just on gay issues but on every topic, will make you lose faith in humanity.

      • Paul
        December 07, 15:14 Reply

        I rarely do visit it.there r beta ones
        Bt I intentionaly wanted to c d reactions of pple on ds post.
        And yes I did c.

      • pinkpanthertb
        December 07, 19:14 Reply

        Aswear! @Deola. The vitriol that teems on that blog is enough to make you wonder if theres any good amongst mankind

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 07, 19:11 Reply

      Weep not, child. At least not for her. Weep for the child she’d have who would find himself or herself gay.

  10. Colossus
    December 07, 15:37 Reply

    Now its getting harder for them to break up

    • A-non
      December 08, 22:29 Reply

      @Colossus, na you be that? It’s been ages I saw a post/comment from thee.

      I guess Welcome Back is in order…

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