Pietro Boselli talks about the downside of being too handsome

Pietro Boselli talks about the downside of being too handsome

To ask a handsome man to explain the downside of being handsome is to set that person up for failure.

Yet physique model/math teacher Pietro Boselli rises to the occasion well, and manages to not completely cheese himself out.

“I don’t think there would be any direct disadvantage,” he says, “apart from maybe some stereotypes or the fact that people won’t necessarily focus on other aspects of your personality.”

Last week in Milan with @dsquared2 😁😎 #bitchwhere

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As for judging people by their physical appearance first, he says, “We cannot help it. It’s obvious that if someone to you looks good, you’re more prone to being talkative to them or to approach them. When that happens, you overlook other things.”

As for how fellow academics have responded to his modeling career, he says: “I felt like people in academe would look down on that. Only by growing up and maturing, you will learn how to embrace every aspect of your life and see that it is amazing, that you can do things that are so different. Explore a talent that otherwise wouldn’t be explored in academe at all.”

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  1. Simba
    March 15, 08:14 Reply

    Mathematics and Modeling unlikely partners.

    • Mandy
      March 15, 08:27 Reply

      And Pietro Boselli makes it work so effortlessly.

  2. Mandy
    March 15, 08:24 Reply

    People tend to overlook other aspects of your personality when you’re good looking. And sometimes it can be hard to make real connections because everyone is so attracted to the physical. This guy’s smart and attractive and likely very aware that looks aren’t forever. It makes sense that he will eventually be using his degree in his professional life whether he’s modeling or not.

  3. Francis
    March 15, 15:13 Reply

    Tell that to the Kardashians. Their business acumen is on point but ndi uwa would rather focus on how dem no sabi book.

  4. Delle
    March 15, 22:09 Reply

    With this guy as my Maths teacher, why won’t I know book? ???

    • Pink Panther
      March 16, 02:44 Reply

      ?????? are you sure you’ll be able to know book when that gorgeousness is in front of you

  5. dizzyboy
    March 18, 17:31 Reply

    His cuteness is all I see menh!!!!… give me a guy like dis and am ready to overlook any of his short fall…lol
    dat doesn’t mean I have low self esteem sha… I just like better thing… lol

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