‘Pose’ star Angelica Ross discovers new boyfriend has fiancée and son after posting loved-up pics

‘Pose’ star Angelica Ross discovers new boyfriend has fiancée and son after posting loved-up pics

She announced to her Twitter followers she was having to spend time apart from her new boyfriend as she self-isolates during the coronavirus pandemic.

But it seems that Pose star Angelica Ross may now be social distancing herself from her man for a completely different reason.

Following her tweet, the transgender rights activist and actress learned her new beau already has a fiancée and a son.

On Wednesday, Ross, 39, tweeted photos of her looking happy with her boyfriend and wrote: “Finally found him and have to distance myself from him … an early test we’re committed to passing, I miss you B ❣️.’

On Thursday, she gave an update on Twitter, sharing:  “The internet is AMAZING. I’ve been talking to the mother of his son and fiancé (sic) all morning. #PlotTwist!”

She then retweeted a summary of her situation tweeted by a fan Andrew Roby, confirming the summary was accurate.

Roby explained: “For those who don’t get it. Queen Angelica found this man and was dating. She posted this on Twitter and we all REJOICED in excitement. Twitter FBI probably saw the tweet and told Angelica this man has a kid and is engaged. Angelica was talking to his fiancé all morning.”

“Basically,” Ross said as she retweeted Roby.

She then teased her fans, tweeting: “Think I might just spill the full tea on my IG live tonight. With a bottle of…[insert sponsored drink].”

The good news is the actress’s followers are providing her “with some very VERY much needed laughs.” One tweet that warranted a like from the star? This gem: “Not even a pandemic can stop men from being trash.”

Ross, 39, found fame as Candy Ferocity in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series, Pose. She went on to work with Murphy again, playing psychologist Donna Chambers in FX’s American Horror Story: 1984. Murphy has said he will cast Ross again the next season of the AHS anthology series.

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  1. Mandy
    March 20, 05:29 Reply

    Lol. The internet never disappoints. You will just be in your feels about the new love of your life, and then a lovey-dovey online post later, and fiam! Social media police will show you just how much you’ve been listening to fake news.
    Sucks, Angelica. Doesn’t matter who’s loving them — straight women, gay men or trans women. Men are still trash.

  2. Francis
    March 20, 08:10 Reply

    Shout out to those hiding bae upandan. May this portion pass you by

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