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The Happenings 18 Comments

A PhD Student Says The Gay Network Is One Powerful Cheating Machine

This gay agenda has reared its ugly head again. Apparently, as part of our mission to take over the world, we are slowly, with the help of the internet, taking

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Florence Kasumba speaks on why ‘Black Panther’ removed its Lesbian Relationship

Black Panther accumulated historic numbers at the box office over the weekend, earning $426.6 million globally and $242 domestically. Overall, the reviews have been exceedingly positive, and the film shines

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Tumblr Suffers 150-Million Dip in Traffic After Porn Ban

Last December, Tumblr made the decision to ban all explicit content from their blogging platform. As of February, the total amount of Tumblr’s monthly page views has plummeted from 521

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  1. Kenny
    October 16, 07:26 Reply

    *in Mortal Kombat voice-over* BRUTALITY!!!

  2. Mandy
    October 16, 10:28 Reply

    ?????? This is not fair na. That girl didn’t try at all.

  3. CHUCK
    October 16, 13:07 Reply

    Even the 3 bottoms that have commented think being called a bottom is a terrible diss. Which way gays?

    • Ken George
      October 16, 16:42 Reply

      Looool…how did u know they are bottoms!?
      Anyway i think the piece is more of a diss at a straight guy who is forming all macho and masculine, that at a bottom. Straight men enjoy anal pleasure too

  4. Black Dynasty
    October 16, 14:45 Reply

    Lool K.O!!!! ??? some people don’t know when to keep quiet.

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