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My Favourite TV LGBT Couples

LGBT characters on TV shows started at a rather sluggish pace, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that we began to actually see them as regulars or having

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Dear You “How can a man love his fellow man?” That was the question a heterosexual friend of mine asked me a couple of years ago, when in a fit

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Photo: Happy Valentine’s Day

May those who seek this find it and live it. Happy Valentine’s Day, KDians.

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  1. Stein
    May 11, 05:45 Reply

    First question: I’m cute
    Second question: yes
    Third question: no

  2. T
    May 11, 05:56 Reply

    They’ll say they all ran away because of my mouth and instability. But I’m friends with all of them so…

    • Johnny
      May 11, 07:06 Reply

      Your mouth wasn’t burnt with hot towel when you were young ???

  3. DI-NAVY
    May 11, 06:06 Reply

    Ahhhhhh. That one?
    He is so intuitive and can read you to filth with words that can snatch your existence when you mess up. He can be unpredictable oh. Never take his softie Nature for granted because you never can tell when he’s done. When he’s done, he acts like you guys were never in love but he is a very good guy. Chai! . I only have two exes though and many acquaintance who were in a relationship with me that I never knew of. Those ones will only say my attitude is hyper ??????? …

  4. Johnny
    May 11, 07:05 Reply

    They will say ‘that boy can complain and force you to do good things.’ . They all want to come back but for few bcos of the sex and I know, so no falling for pranks. Once an ex, forever a past.

  5. Francis
    May 11, 07:23 Reply

    He boring as f**k and doesn’t pay much attention. ??

  6. ambivalentone
    May 11, 07:45 Reply

    Very flighty something. And he can’t even take dick like a good boy without saying “I’m tired” after 10 mins.

      • ambivalentone
        May 11, 09:07 Reply

        Did I ever give the impression that I was? #AskingForMySanity

    • Francis
      May 11, 08:15 Reply

      This week sha. First you are not such a feisty bad beech and now bottom power you no get plenty. What next? Stay breaking hearts or revamping ya sef ????

      • ambivalentone
        May 11, 09:14 Reply

        Biko, I like prick, but I don’t like prick that wee kee me. And not feisty you say? I did not choose my pseudonym lightly.

        • Delle
          May 11, 12:35 Reply

          Ambi, I love you for this and a bit more. Anyone that thinks because kporo is my muse, I will now coman die is on a long thing. After 20 mins, if you haven’t cum, go on Grindr and order your Armond Rizzo!

          Thank God I don’t even fancy them big.

          • Anastasius
            May 14, 08:33 Reply

            Lol. Love the Armond Rizzo analogy. Dude redefines the term hungry power bottom

    • FJ
      May 11, 09:38 Reply

      Poor you….ur assenal still at infantry…ur ex-es should be blamed for doing shoddy job???

  7. Mitch
    May 11, 08:55 Reply

    They’ll never agree on anything. There’s just too many sides to me for any one person to completely process, deal with, love or even understand. I’m a complicated bitch like that

  8. Mac nuel
    May 11, 09:07 Reply

    In one word i am complicated but a nice fellow

  9. FJ
    May 11, 09:47 Reply

    A flirty power horse…no one leaves without playing Lot’s wife

  10. Vhar.
    May 11, 10:03 Reply

    His words; “You’re too rational! How can you be so rational? Get angry. Break something! Just not my balls and Xbox.”

  11. Eddie
    May 11, 11:38 Reply

    never been in a relationship…. Though my previous bootycalls would say that i cant take dick thats too big for too long….immediately i cum,it is over for me and that doesnt even take that long either

  12. shuga chocolata
    May 11, 11:55 Reply

    That one can snoop around for Africa,
    He doesn’t like out door thing,
    He is a lazy brat and difficult to handle,
    He is so forgetful about his phone, but never his food,
    Dude hates the camera ?,
    He loves footwear,
    He can form blindness for Africa,
    I think he is proud says the Aquintances,
    I feel he just loves himself better than anyone,
    He is never a killjoy but hates dancing ?,
    He is so sweet and sour at same time,
    He loves children,
    The first question he asked me when we met, was “Do you have Dogs? ” and the rest will be oh he asked you the dog question.

  13. Delle
    May 11, 12:31 Reply

    I know what they would hamper on and it’s not something I am proud of. I always just up and leave. At first, the love is strong and the relationship is beautiful but over time, I drift away.

    They would probably shoot me.

  14. Colossus
    May 11, 13:11 Reply

    Awwwww, colossus is the best, we screwed up by letting him go.

  15. IBK
    May 11, 14:19 Reply

    He doesn’t listen when he starts playing those his baby games. You might as well be talking to a brick wall. And his room is a mess.

  16. Tali
    May 15, 17:50 Reply

    Very strange and difficult to read. time he’s sweet,the other time you just can’t understand.

  17. Tali
    May 15, 17:51 Reply

    Oh! And this other one

    He’s too smart for his age. He no dey forget things easily.

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