Random Questions XVI

Random Questions XVI

They say women cheat emotionally and men cheat physically. By that saying, any emotional disconnect a gay man experiences with his partner should not be considered cheating.

But that’s what they say.

What do y’all think? Does it count as cheating when another man is in your mind during sex with your partner?

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  1. Johnny
    October 17, 08:45 Reply

    Lol. The question doesn’t make sense. Are you have sex with spirit? I have never had that kind of experience though.

  2. Delle
    October 17, 09:46 Reply

    It can’t be if not, a lot of us would be considered cheats. I have a friend that sometimes imagines it’s Idris Elba he’s in bed with when he’s having sex with his bf.

    That’s not cheating. That’s just making your sex life interesting.

    • Ken George
      October 17, 11:18 Reply

      U do realise that ur mind cant be in two places at once. So while u are emotionally detached and joined with elba in fairytale land, hes either going to feel like hes in bed with a log of wood or simply inadequate to give u pleasure. Both of which are a super NO-NO for a healthy relationship.

      Now nothing ive said above shld take away from roleplaying by couples during sex, to spice things abit. Howver both of u are well aware that u are only acting.

      NB and pp said i couldnt pass for a psychiatrist. Smh. U can take that to the bank and cash out boo…

      • trystham
        October 17, 16:51 Reply

        See Jon Snow. You never see good actor. Even when the D is all that but u still be thinking it were someone else slamming u.

  3. Cube
    October 17, 09:58 Reply

    It has never happened to me.
    When he’s “hitting” me in all the right places, why would I be thinking of another man?

    In my humble opinion, you only think of other people when he’s slacking. Other people being guys that take you to cloud 9.

  4. Ken George
    October 17, 11:12 Reply

    Its only cheating when you are in a committed relationship. You can fatasize abt an orgy if u like during a one night stand. But committed shld mean you cannot be in bed with him and fantasizing about someone else. Sex shld be a partnership. If hes not doing it well teach him in a loving but respectful manner. The truth is that no matter how sexy and hot u think a person is, after a while that infatuation will dissolve and your union will be tested for what its worth. Unfortunately most gay relationships are only built around sex and sexual appeal, so when the infatuation dissolves the whole relationship crumbles.

  5. Omiete
    October 17, 19:26 Reply

    Its not cheating but its just down right painfull. Imagine moaning with bae on top of you and you scream another persons name.

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