Rest In Peace, Peter Bello

Rest In Peace, Peter Bello

He was simply too gorgeous to die. Plus there’s a certain unfairness in death so young.

At first, the statuses of the pilot and co-pilot of the Bristow Helicopter which crashed inside the lagoon at Oworonshoki, Lagos two days ago was Missing. But reports have it that they have now been found and sadly, they are dead.

The bodies of handsome 26-year-old co-pilot Peter Bello and the American pilot Joseph Wyatt were recovered at 11am yesterday, Thursday Aug 12. This brings to an end the search and rescue effort. Both bodies have now been taken to the Mainland General Hospital mortuary in addition to the other four for further investigation.

The death of Peter Bello has touched many because he was young, an avid user of social media who had a passion for photography. According to reports he was the only child of his parents and was scheduled to photograph a wedding in October.

In a weird twist, Peter appeared in an Instagram video with Soundcity exec Olamide Adedeji just hours before he took off to Delta State, in the selfie video the two joke around with Lamide asking him if he’s still single and he smiled as he jokingly flashed a ring, saying, “I’m married.”

So sad…

His friends Banky W, Dotun Cool FM & many others have taken to social media to remember him. Check out their messages below.peter bello1peter bello2peter bello4peter bello3peter bello5

May God grant rest to the souls of these departed and give solace their families and loved ones in this difficult time.

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  1. ken
    August 14, 15:48 Reply

    This is so sad. What a tragedy…so handsome and so young.
    I never knew him personally, because he was my junior in secondary school. But from what I hear, this boy was so creative and talented and loved life.

    My heart goes out to his parents

  2. Ace
    August 14, 16:10 Reply

    This is indeed very sad. i have been following the story and it is indeed really tragic. R.I.P Peter

  3. Sinnex
    August 14, 16:14 Reply

    The guy is hot. I wish I knew him before now. I would have stalked the bejeeezuz out of him.

    Rest in Peace brotherly. I see we have something in common. We are both 26 and only sons, but you were also the only child.

    Adieu my kinship brother. Till we meet to part no more. I love you.

  4. KryxxX
    August 14, 16:20 Reply

    I just wonder y death doesnt just look @ d faces of its victims b4 plucking them away! He just takes away d nice ones nd leave the evil to lounge about on earth causing more havoc! I just can’t deal anymore! Such a budding soul! R.I.P Peter!

    I know this might sound insensitive nd that they have families but I wouldn’t mind if death just picks those evil politicians that keeps looting, causing chaos nd refuse to die! Just take them away nd leave our young nd good souls alone. Take them!

    • ambivalentone
      August 14, 16:59 Reply

      Errr…death looking at the faces of its victims wud mean my death tay tay. Biko. Tempt death small small. Us ugly ppl want to live life too.
      RIP Mr Peter

    • Pink Panther
      August 14, 17:41 Reply

      It sounded insensitive, but it is a sentiment I share with u, Trys.

  5. SimonAndal
    August 14, 16:21 Reply

    Wow! So much love for this good looking man. I wonder what it would have been like otherwise. Smh

  6. Max
    August 14, 16:31 Reply

    People are always sorry and sober when fine people die. They always pick interest.
    Can’t say the same for the not-so-fine-ones..

    • Chuck
      August 14, 16:49 Reply

      Exactly – no one is paying tribute to the people dying in the Northeast!

    • ambivalentone
      August 14, 17:04 Reply

      Oho!!! So u noticed. When ‘nice’ becomes equated with ‘fine’ or ‘handsome’.
      @Chuck Its not like they don’t care but I think ppl are getting jaded with d Northern saga.

    • Diablo
      August 14, 19:12 Reply

      Lol. Actually i completely agree with u! Peter’s death is particularly painful caus, let’s face it, he was handsome and young, mostly cause of the former. The others that died along with him haven’t gotten this much attention.

      It’s very tragic all the same, and the fact that I’m listening to a sad song doesn’t help matters

    • james bruno
      August 15, 08:11 Reply

      i swear! to be honest i was a little confused when i read this article

      • Pink Panther
        August 15, 08:24 Reply

        What confused you? the fact that it was an RIP post or that it was about a good-looking guy who passed away too soon?

  7. KryxxX
    August 14, 19:34 Reply

    And while we r here mourning better person, one idiot called Skiibii abi scabies is busy faking his own death on social media all in d name of publicity stunts! Aturu ugwu! Ewu Gambia! Nobody jokes with death! And not just death, ur own death! R u for real!
    Oh well! Maybe he just collapsed nd ppl around him thought he was dead! The timing shaa…………..

  8. Queen Mother
    August 14, 20:51 Reply

    Oh, what a loss. I have never met this guy, but I follow him on instagram and have come to think myself knowing him. I felt bad like I would do a close relation when I heard his death. Painful.

  9. KingBey
    August 15, 04:00 Reply

    Chai see wasted lips….oh I mean wasted life. God knows best. RIP sweetness. I hope you didn’t suffer much pain under that damn lagoon for long before giving up the ghost. Fucking Nigeria and their lackluster rescue response. This accident wasn’t that serious if only help was immediately rendered to them. Now your parents have to switch to default and become childless couple again. Chai ! Nwaoma….sweet lips and a sweet name. It pins me whenever a young, cute and talented human dies. Nna, ka mkuru obi gi zuo ike na ndokwa, amen !

  10. Sinnex
    August 15, 12:51 Reply

    He is not the only child. Wrong information. He has like 3 other siblings.

  11. Jason
    March 05, 20:24 Reply

    I was fortunate to meet Peter when he came to visit DC in August 2013. What a kind, handsome man who had a strong love for family, photography, and flying. Even after you went back to training in Florida, our weekly talks on the phone brought a smile to my face. I still have pictures of you on my phone! You are missed!

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