Oh my darling, do not be so shaken

There is no solace here

You will feel the rain and the heat

The ground will not carry you forever

And the sky will move away

These bones will not forever anchor you

And this skin will not always bind tightly

These are the lessons you need to learn

That strength is not your entitlement

And weakness is buried in your marrows

You plunged head first into the deep

Hoping the tide will bring you up

Now you struggle with bonds so tight

You cannot find their roots

Do not be so shaken, this is how we live

We are fading pictures, we are wilting flowers

And our bloom is definite

Learn to enjoy the struggle

And find contentment in the brief histories of your joy

Don’t be so glum, it isn’t all so morbid

The joy is in the fall and the climb is thrilling

Soon you will learn to see them both as equal

You are not alone here, so do not fall apart

But you do not have the right to close the doors and rest.

Written by Jodek