“Everybody In Nigeria Is Gay. It’s A Matter Of How Gay You Are.” Singer Supernova Is Not Here For The Homophobes Who Have A Problem With Her “Bounce” Music Video

“Everybody In Nigeria Is Gay. It’s A Matter Of How Gay You Are.” Singer Supernova Is Not Here For The Homophobes Who Have A Problem With Her “Bounce” Music Video

She is relatively unknown, but the singer, Supernova, caused quite the stir on the social media after she released the music video of her single, Bounce. The music video, which appears to be an unapologetic statement of diversity and the LGBT, what with the rainbow colours and the male dancers strutting about in their makeup and feminine-clad bodies.

After she dropped a clip of the video on her social media page, of course it caused an outrage amongst social media netizens, especially after the blog, instablog9ja, took the news to its page. People were apparently sending threats to her and demanding for her to take down the video.

The homophobic backlash was so intense that Supernova had to take to her social media to clapback at the homophobes. “I don’t do my songs for you primitive brains and Marlians out there,” she fired. “I do my songs for learned and exposed Nigerians, who are willing to learn new things. You don’t choose who or what you get attracted to. Your sexual orientation is encoded in your DNA… What makes you think that what you believe is right and what I believe is wrong? Let’s be guided this 2020. All of that is [sic] coming to my DM to threaten me and send me stupid messages, pray I don’t pray for you.”

Then she capped off this life-giving clapback with the ultimate finish: “As far as I’m concerned, everybody in Nigeria is gay. It’s a question of how gay you are.”

In the words of a friend: “This tag line should be slapped on a product: How Gay Are You?” 😂😂😂

Supernova also went on to post a video of a “concerned” Nigerian mother also calling her out to take down her video because she was very “disINgusted” to see her daughter watching it.

She followed that up with another post showing the overwhelming traffic to her page comprised mainly of homophobes who were full of hate and abuse directed at her. Thankfully, she is not backing down or allowing herself to be cowed into retracting her support for the LGBT.

You go, girl! 👏👏👏

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  1. Jimmy
    February 09, 07:00 Reply

    Imma let y’all finish but these gay men disappointed me in everyway. Like wtf were those lame ass moves? Did y’all watch todrick’s fag video? Now that is how you homosexualizr a video not his lazy God-knows-what they were doing.

    • Pink Panther
      February 09, 07:07 Reply

      LMAO!!! True. I was quite disappointed in their horrifying lack of fabulosity. Like NO! That’s now how we do please! If you’re going to snap, SNAP!!!

      • demi
        February 09, 13:44 Reply

        aswear down, y’all echo my thought.. their dance and walk was such a bore, I could do way better walahi

  2. Gaia
    February 09, 09:35 Reply

    Ain’t we all going to her page right away to support her ni. Make she still get reason to happy.

  3. Rudy
    February 09, 11:17 Reply

    That’s exactly what the far right hates to see. To see that the people they demonise so much are actual human beings with flesh and blood just like them. They’ll forever wish to keep us hidden in the dark crevices of society than to see us thrive thereby debunking their ill-constructed myths against us.
    Kudos Supernova. It’s a good start.
    That lady spewing rubbish should first see a dentist before coming for anyone talking about eternity.
    Nonsense & Ingredients!

    • Pink Panther
      February 09, 13:58 Reply

      LMAO. Her dentition though. That’s the real abomination right there.

  4. Delle
    February 09, 15:24 Reply

    She deserves some support.

    Let me go and give her that

  5. Shawn
    February 09, 15:47 Reply

    these queens don’t know how to be fabulous… take a hint…watch Todrick’s videos if you know you don’t know how

  6. Slimmy
    February 13, 03:35 Reply

    Wait fess….

    I practically know all the male dancers with the female singer thou..Miss Nfcs one year like that..

    They are all Awka based shaa..

    Why are they now doing mando ontop shelle moves…

    I can’t feel the moves Bikonu, the strutting, snapping, vogue and other moves is why the homophobes are lashing talking trash.. Assume they gave their 1% of their 1% to this video, E go mad shaa..

    Nice moves dearies…

    Let me go and do Amebo to know when she will be doing another music video 🚶🚶🚶🚶…

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