So It Looks Like Straight People Are Appropriating Grindr

So It Looks Like Straight People Are Appropriating Grindr

The first time I saw screenshots of a guy who found himself getting chatted up by a girl on Grindr, both he and I found it amusing a had a good laugh. There was even some talk between us that the girl might actually be a guy looking to scam someone. Although, how such a scam might work, considering that Grindr is a gay app is beyond me.

But then, another set of screenshots emerged. Same thing. Gay guy looking for a hookup and stumbling onto a girl. This time, some people said it may be a trans woman.

And another.

And another.

And now, apparently, even straight guys have gotten the memo and are now on Grindr looking for heterosexual love.

Please can someone explain this development to us? Are we being overrun by straight people?

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  1. Mitch
    March 10, 06:30 Reply

    Oh, no, they didn’t!

    *Changes into bum-short and a crop top*
    *Starts preparing signs for a March*

    Grindr, with all its wahala, is our space.
    It’s ours. For men who want to meet and fuck other men.

    We refuse this heterosexual agenda.
    We refuse to be heterosexualized.

    Leave Grindr for us.
    We no dey follow una drag the 10 thousand and one dating and hookup sites wey una get. Why una wan cock and ass block us laidis?

    *Goes on the March*

  2. Jay
    March 10, 07:05 Reply

    What is it with straight people??? They should stop invading our space. They have a whole lot to themselves and should not steal these little things that give us happiness (mostly good sex).
    This is becoming unbearable!

  3. Delle
    March 10, 12:48 Reply

    So much bad grammar here. How am I supposed to take this one as a threat to our Grindr?
    He probably lost his way and is very much ignorant (really telling) of it.

  4. J
    March 10, 13:52 Reply

    People are looking for love in all places don’t be deceived 😂 I will advise ladies to start using grindr so they can meet all these pompous and indecisive guys with internal homophobia… Those kind of guys that don’t want love from a man.

  5. Sleek Creamy
    March 10, 14:06 Reply

    I think the earlier the better for us that we start realising the fact that all these straight guys pretending to be their fadas head are all yahoo guys..
    They even go as fear as using white men faces saying that they based in nigeria, they are oil drillers and that they are big time engineers looking for sugar boys that will satisfy them sexually and in return they will pay $400 everyday now these are their words.
    Now all these proposing goodies is to lure u to become one of their victims.
    My coloured brothers please and please let not fall victims to their pranks please..
    Let be smarter than these guys because dey no get joy..

  6. CS
    March 17, 06:12 Reply

    I am a girl (bi) and I’m on Grindr… Some girls are there for reasons best known to them. Mine is definitely not to scam anyone but being very careful is important.

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