”You have such long fingernails,” Tobi said rather nervously as Lex unbuttoned his shirt.

In the dark, Lex’s unusual-green eyes stared lustfully at him – those piercing, aquamarine eyes that gave his face such a striking look, no matter what he was feeling, and which left Tobi always feeling hypnotized and spellbound. When Tobi saw those green eyes for the first time, he realized, even then, against all he’d ever believed, that love at first sight was possible.

”You really haven’t done this before, have you?” Lex asked.

Tobi chuckled his response.

”You look jittery,” Lex said.

”I’m just really…”

His voice faltered off when Lex shushed him. He placed a finger on his mouth, a sensual touch that sent a ribbon of excitement racing down Tobi’s spine. Then, Lex ran his fingers affectionately down his cheek, stopping at his jaw.

”Let me give you a nice time,” he said in a seductive whisper.

He unzipped Tobi’s shorts and smiled as he stared down at his hand dipping into Tobi’s shorts. His smile grew as he grabbed Tobi’s already burgeoned cock. Then he looked askance at Tobi, his smile lingering coyly as he stroked the cock slowly, sensuously.

Tobi felt a plethora of emotions surge through him, ranging from trepidation to pleasure, to mounting anticipation. He yielded as Lex pushed him gently back on the bed, and he heard his heart threaten to pound a path from his chest as Lex came yet closer to him, filling his sense with his heat and musk.

Their lips touched, and then parted ways for their tongues to get close to each other. They locked and slipped against each other. Their bodies moved too, as they undressed hurriedly, reluctantly pulling their mouths apart in order to get their clothes out of the way.

And then, they rolled on the bed, still kissing, passionately so. Their bodies were pressed tightly against each other. Then, Lex broke the kiss and turned his attention to the side of Tobi’s face. His tongue assailed Tobi’s ears and then his neck, and the tingling sensation that came from his strokes caused a fit of giggles to swell up Tobi’s throat, an onrush he quickly swallowed back. Lex moved lower, dropping tiny kisses and nibbles on Tobi’s nipples and navel as he made his way down to his crotch. Tobi shut his eyes close in anticipation, and took steady, heavy breaths.

Then Tobi felt a wet warmth begin from the tip of his erection, and the sensation caused a ripple of pleasure race through his body from the point where Lex’s tongue had gently enveloped his dick. The gasp he gave from the pleasure left his mouth wide open.

Lex kissed the tip of his dick. His hands rested on Tobi’s thighs. Tobi sat up and watched him as he expertly took the whole of him inside in his mouth, gulping and slurping as he went. He occasionally looked up to stare straight at Tobi with those beautiful green eyes. Tobi’s breathing became heavier, and he reached out a hand to caress Lex’s head and stroke his face gently as he went on sucking him. He groaned with each bob of Lex’s head over his dick. And then, he began to respond to the rhythm, thrusting his hip up and down to meet Lex’s mouth.

”May I…?” Tobi gasped after some time.

Lex understood and asked, “Are you sure?”

Tobi nodded.

“You haven’t done it before,” Lex said.

“I’ve watched it on porn. I want to do it to you,” Tobi maintained.

So Lex moved up from his kneeling position, and lay on his back. Tobi maneuvered his way to the top and began to kiss him again. Then he slowly moved down, straight to Lex’s scrotum. He licked at the sac, one ball after the other. Then he proceeded further down, lifting Lex’s derriere as he moved, and tracing his journey with his tongue on Lex’s skin. Lex moaned, involuntarily spreading his legs wider, squirming in pleasure as Tobi pushed his butt upward.

And then, Tobi reached his destination. He flicked his tongue over the entrance. Lex gave an audible gasp. Tobi smiled. He could tell that Lex was going to like very much what he wanted to do to him. He licked at the butthole again. He loved the taste. He licked again. He loved the taste even more. And soon, his tongue began to ravage Lex’s ass.

“Oh fuck… Oh my God…” Lex panted as he feasted on his ass. “Keep – keep… Just like that…Oh fuck…!” His body quivered with lustful delight as Tobi’s tongue vigorously made love to him.

Tobi went on for minutes, licking, sniffing, tasting. Till he heard Lex call out to him.

”Fuck me, Tobi!” It was a strangled plea of pure lust. ”I want you inside me. Now!”

Tobi obliged. He stood as Lex retrieved and passed to him the lube and condoms that were at the side of the bed. He sheathed his dick. And then he liberally applied the lube on his member and on Lex’s ass. Then he climbed back on the bed, towering above Lex, who remained lying on his back. He leaned forward to kiss Lex.

But Lex was having none of the delay. He reached down, grabbed at Tobi’s shaft and guided it inside his asshole. Tobi pushed gently in and then out, being as careful as he could. In and out…in and out…in and out…steadily, rhythmically; their sweaty bodies danced to the beat of their lust-filled music.

Tobi soon began to thrust quicker and quicker, more and more vigorously. His moans of pleasure wafted through the atmosphere of the room. Lex matched his thrusting with some exuberance of his own, his fingers digging into Tobi’s back as he welcomed his invasion. His teeth nibbled at Tobi’s ears and neck again and again, as Tobi pounded even harder, aiming to impress.

”Yes! Yes! Yes!” Lex yelped over and over in delight

Within minutes, Tobi could feel himself rushing toward a climax. Every thrust drew him closer and closer to the peak. The room was filled with the ecstatic moans of the two people heading speedily to a certain end. Tobi’s toes curled and his breathing became harsh pants. And then, he began to convulse as he let out a long, loud grunt as bursts of his cum shot out of his cock.

He collapsed on Lex’s sweaty body and took deep, steadying breaths. Then he rolled off Lex onto the bed and looked at his lover. Their eyes met and Tobi was caught once more in the beauty of Lex’s stare.

”I love you, Lex,” he whispered. ”Do you love me?”

Lex smiled. It was an enigmatic smile. Tobi had no idea what the smile meant. Lex moved to plant a kiss on his forehead.

”That was fun,” he replied instead. “Thanks, Tobi.” And he got up from the bed.

Written by Tobby