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Jason Momoa Unveiled As Aquaman

The first look at the new Aquaman has finally surfaced. Zack Snyder, the filmmaker in charge of the latest effort to put DC Comics characters on the big screen, tweeted

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“Gay rights are human rights.” Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton wants Donald Trump to officially come out against the alleged “gay purge” in Chechnya. During a fundraising dinner for New York’s The Centre, she said, “Gay rights are

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Journalist Who Used Grindr To Out Gay Athletes In Rio Receives Backlash

A straight journalist is under fire for using Grindr to essentially out closeted gay athletes in Rio. Nico Hines has been covering the Olympics for the Daily Beast. As part

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  1. Lorde
    March 17, 07:49 Reply

    What this boy needs, is multidisciplinary management, with a psychotherapist ……and a FUCKIN NUTRITIONIST!!, he’s about to vanish into thin air

  2. Mandy
    March 17, 08:30 Reply

    ??Doesn’t he have people, family members on his friend list who could cause this to get back to his dad?

  3. Dubem
    March 17, 08:32 Reply

    Some people can’t even take the thought of their parents having sex, this one is imagining himself having sex with his dad. Jesus, when are you coming biko? I’m ready to relocate from this world.

  4. Simba
    March 17, 08:47 Reply

    Guys chill,.. There are plenty types of Dads

  5. y
    March 17, 16:35 Reply

    Such a punchable face

  6. Koko
    March 17, 23:06 Reply

    But daddy son sex is a thing. Go check Julius Toons

    • Lorde
      March 18, 13:29 Reply

      I read those comics too, but I skip those ones, it’s fuckin weird mean

  7. peaches
    March 18, 00:33 Reply

    okay, except he meant someone like his dad, physique and all. But what is it with south Africans and sex with family members eh?

  8. .•*Sugaar.•*
    March 18, 09:24 Reply

    Well, hisbjust crushing…. what about this Dads that fuck their kids …
    I mean both dad and his boys fuck together…
    something’s won’t be so not right to you untill you hear or see another…

  9. Jamie 2.0
    March 19, 10:00 Reply

    It’s normal to have an emotion; even better to be honest about how one feels. I wouldn’t advise family to work out a sexual or romantic relationship but….it happens. And it’s just a normal feeling…. Now look at some of us already calling on Jesus to come down…just like is typical of all these homophobes about us. You never understand someone using your opinions…; until you condition your mind to having empathy for them.

    • Pink Panther
      March 19, 10:56 Reply

      I want to understand something. Are you somehow putting homosexuality and incest in the same category?

      • Delle
        March 19, 13:04 Reply

        Oh he is. He definitely is.


  10. dizzyboy
    March 19, 20:55 Reply

    dis is d height of craziness menh… can’t deal… can’t even form enough insult to give him self… dat would be a waste of my time… Wat dis guy need is a fuck reset with a big dick and he will forget about d mental pixsure of his dad’s kini

  11. Jeova Sanctus Unus
    March 20, 18:25 Reply

    We should realize that–apart from biology/genetics angle–there isn’t anything wrong with incest. We generally just don’t prefer it (anymore), and that doesn’t make it wrong.

  12. Amon
    March 21, 06:16 Reply

    I hope his dad doesn’t see this

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