Woman Lusting After Gay Male Friend Seeks Advice, Response Is Unanimously Against Her Desire

Woman Lusting After Gay Male Friend Seeks Advice, Response Is Unanimously Against Her Desire

It’s nearly inevitable that everyone will at some point have a sexual fantasy about a platonic friend — you’re around them all the time, you’re already attracted to their personality enough to be friends and even by the most conservative estimates out there, we think about sex upwards of 100 times a day. Do the math.

You might have even had a fling or seven with a close friend — hey, why not?

But there’s a fine line between acting on a fantasy and overstepping a relationship’s boundaries, and one confused woman on Reddit will hopefully avoid the latter by acting on the advice she received about whether or not she should hit up her gay male friend for some sexy time.

“I’m a 30 year old female who wants to be sexually intimate with her gay best friend,” she wrote.

She continued:

‘My friend is also 30 and we’ve been best friends since 7th grade. We were always just friends, he came out in 9th grade, but we always knew that he had a thing for guys. Anyhow, we talk about our sexual flings like friends do and it never really did anything for me. Then I was talking to him about how crappy porn is and how I hate that porn always involves a screaming woman and a silent guy, so he suggested I checkout some gay porn. Well, that’s when everything changed. It was amazing, the sounds the guys made did things to me that I can’t describe and now I can’t stop thinking about my gay best friend in a sexual way. I fantasize about sleeping with him, pegging him, doing a mmf with him or even just watching him have sex with another guy while masturbate in the corner. These are the only thoughts that get me off now when I masturbate. I don’t know if I could ever make them a reality. I don’t think my friend sees me in a sexual way. When I give him a seductive glare to get something I want, he’ll say “Your Jedi mind-powers don’t work on me.” We kiss on the mouth to say hello and bye but we’ve never made out. We’ve always just been friends. I don’t know if it would even be fair game to ask him if he’s ever wanted to make out or have sex with me.

Should I ask him?’

The response was a unanimous: No!

“Remember, no means no. Even if you have the vagina,” said a commenter.

“If you value your friendship I would not ask him,” another commenter wrote, adding, “In my experience, the realization that someone you do not think of in a sexual way thinks of you in a sexual way can not only make time spent together awkward in future, but can ruin memories of all the good times you spent together.”

Another offered some practical advice: “Some fantasies need to stay fantasies. Just break out the vibrator and maintain your friendship.”

“I cringed so hard my forehead cramped up,” wrote another person. We feel you there.

Another commenter even offered an out: “Maybe you should try finding bisexual men to have these flings with. Your gay best friend of 18 years is off limits. End of story.” Perhaps someone should find a Dick Advocate for her, no?

“If he is gay, you have the wrong parts,” said another commenter. LMAO!

Yet another suggested there’s a double-standard for a straight person asking a gay person to have hetero sex: “I’m just saying if a straight dude posted here about how he wanted to pressure his lesbian friend into straight stuff it’d be at -257 and every one of the op’s comments would be at a similar score.”

We have to agree with the chorus on this one — nothing she says indicates any interest on his part in a sexual relationship.

Don’t mess up a good thing.

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  1. ken
    December 04, 05:43 Reply

    Unfortunately I have a feeling the bitch will still go ahead to fool herself. Not to blame her tho, some gay guys are so damn sexy its almost unbearable for straight girls to keep off!

    • Pink Panther
      December 04, 05:45 Reply

      It’s sort of like gay guys lusting after their straight friends. Something about wanting what you can’t have.

      • Max
        December 04, 08:15 Reply

        We all know why gay guys lust after straight men and its not just because of their unavailability…

      • ambivalentone
        December 04, 11:24 Reply

        @Pinkie Exactly o. All those converter queens that abound. The girl should go ahead and ask him. If they’ve bin frenz for that long, she will be able to broach the subject without offending him

  2. #Chestnut
    December 04, 06:17 Reply

    *in my bff’s voice*: “Ashawo rest Kwanu!”
    This bish finna ruin a good friendship because of gay porn that she watched,hian.
    …”Your Jedi mind powers don’t work on me…” Buahahaha!

  3. Mandy
    December 04, 06:19 Reply

    “If he is gay, you have the wrong parts,”
    No be small thing o.

    • Brian Collins
      December 04, 07:52 Reply

      The attraction could be for her friend alone. She has grown to love him and knows him in every other way but this one. Imagine having to know someone you love in an intimate way. I think that is the fantasy for her. I do hope she doesn’t go ahead with it.

  4. Max
    December 04, 08:13 Reply

    “Another offered some practical advice: “Some fantasies need to stay fantasies. Just break out the vibrator and maintain your friendship.”

    Best comment ??

  5. Dennis Macaulay
    December 04, 08:20 Reply

    Ask him! Let him decline by himself!

    You never known in these things go

    • Absalom
      December 04, 08:26 Reply

      He’s gay; he’s supposed to be traumatized by pussy. Focus, dear.

      • ken
        December 04, 08:40 Reply


      • Mandy
        December 04, 14:38 Reply

        Hahahahahahahahahaa! Absalom oo! Help me tell am o.

  6. Khaleesi
    December 04, 08:40 Reply

    ***holds laughter*** poor girl, he’d probably much rather stare at a pile of wet sand all day than go near your pussy! Just leave this in the realm of fantasy gurl, if you speak out this fantasy, you’ll ruin your friendship so fast & for good!
    Really wish i had a close female friend who knows about and accepts me with all my glitter????

  7. posh6666
    December 04, 08:58 Reply

    Lol this reminds me of when a friend of mine tried to force himself to have sex with a girl that has been crushing on him,that when he saw the vagina he almost threw up that it looks very funny,yucky,sticky generally gross! I was just like no you are just super GAY!

  8. bruno
    December 04, 09:13 Reply

    this is a familiar story… except it’s usually a gay guy lusting after his straight friend.

  9. Delle
    December 04, 13:18 Reply

    Don’t you lay your slimy nailed fingers on him, you byatch! How dare you? How dare you want to reduce our already tiny community, ehn? Don’t you know I love him too and I’m gay, yea?!

    *breathes in deeply and exhales*

    Okay, this isn’t peculiar. After all, I’m sure many gay guys have straight crushes. I just feel they’ve been friends for such a long time that it would be just pathetic if a brief moment of fantasy spoils all of that. Let him be. He may never see you as he used to prior to your declaration (that’s if you come on to him). I know gay guys, we have a very sharp insecurity button, and honey, u don’t want to press on it.

    Isn’t it funny how easy it is for a straight guy to fall prey to a gay one compared to gay guys falling for straight women? Goes to show how strong-walled our sexuality is…hihihihi

    • posh6666
      December 04, 14:00 Reply

      Why are you trying so hard to sound dramatic? *rolls eyes*

      • Mandy
        December 04, 14:39 Reply

        *snigger* You saw what I’m see, eh posh?

        • posh6666
          December 04, 14:46 Reply

          My dear the fakery was too much i wanted to puke all over bleh!

          • Delle
            December 04, 21:16 Reply

            After venting like that, it’s somewhat confusing when u end with an ‘lol’. Smh

      • Delle
        December 04, 19:41 Reply

        You don’t even know me? I feel you have to actually know someone before you can tell what is and what’s not (that’s a mistake you seem to repeatedly make). I wonder why you’d say that in the first place, is there a thing to gain? You make it seem like this is one Drag Race show…
        We have people with personas, if mine happens to come off as something you feel is forced, maybe I don’t need your opinion, cos it really doesn’t count.
        It’s called having fun, u should try that sometimes cos random sex isn’t fun Posh, it isn’t.

        • posh6666
          December 04, 20:01 Reply

          Yet u wrote all that long epistle for me? Are you even ok?random sex aint fun so sticking to one dick is?i mean some of us like fried rice,jollof,ofada rice not just rice and stew.

          What even brought about sex talk sef? you are boring abeg shift make i see road lol

  10. Dick Advocate
    December 04, 18:31 Reply

    “Maybe you should try finding bisexual men to have these flings with. Your gay best friend of 18 years is off limits. End of story.” Perhaps someone should find a Dick Advocate.”

    Need I say more?

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