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It was one of those slow days with very minimal buzz of activities till I logged unto to social media and saw the news trending of the man who committed

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I do not know how to live I do not know how to exist as a person All I do well is sleep and be alone I am mesmerized at

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I want to know joy To feel peace To grasp contentment To inhabit happiness I want to leave this skin behind To be free of this planted soul I want

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‘Don’t Be Afraid To Take The First Step.’ Wentworth Miller Creates Powerful Video About Depression

Thanks to movements geared to enlighten the world about mental health, more people are able to learn and talk about this intricate subject, what mental illnesses really are, and how

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“My mother is teaching my siblings to despise Gays.” Says the Man Who Was Unable To Go On Living

On June 17, Michael George Smith Jr. posted a screen shot of a message from a sibling on his Facebook page. It read, “God doesn’t born gay people. You make

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Wentworth Miller Speaks Out Against Body-Shaming Meme

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has hit out at a meme mocking him for his weight gain after leaving his most iconic role. The actor was a huge name while

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End That Controversy!

I once heard a story which broke my heart in a million pieces. It is a popular tragic story which trended once here. Some of us may have heard the

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No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 20)

In this episode, a young, troubled Nigerian lady, named Max, reached out to NoStrings for help. She has been going through a lot as a result of her being sexually

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No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 18)

When Bisi Alimi talked about how LGBTIQ persons are prone to depression on his coming out interview on Funmi Iyanda’s New Dawn, he was actually right, as recent studies has

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July 25 Depression for me is like that annoying relative that comes to visit usually uninvited. The kind of relative you aren’t happy to see but must oblige. You plague