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The Story Of The Guy Who Came Out As Bisexual

Originally published on intomore.com One drunken night in the May of 2011, I told my friend Heather I thought her friend had a nice ass. “Who, Eliza?” “No, I actually

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Hello and Goodbye

Often times, living with relatives can be very inconveniencing, especially when you have businesses you want to attend to behind closed doors. We met on a random gay app, John

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The Short Story Of When A Grindr Hookup Fails

LOL! There’s no faster way to recover from konji than when you masturbate.

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Photo: Bests Of Online Hookups XXI

I’m not understanding.

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The first time you heard the word ‘Grindr’ was on a series on the telly. One of the gay characters had used it to meet up with a boy, after

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Before I hooked up with this Nigerian artiste (let’s call him Bigelow), if anyone had told me he was gay or bi, I wouldn’t have believed it. His songs are

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The Grindr Hookup Who Came For Sex And Is Still Around Days Later

Love it or hate it, most people on Grindr are there for casual hookups. That doesn’t mean things can’t develop into more than that. Sometimes they do, and in very

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BEFORE THE HOOK-UP The seed for the hookup is sown, and here we are, anticipating and chatting on WhatsApp. Him: I can’t wait for this to finally go down. Me: