TBA Foundation: There Should Never Be Another Ibrahim

TBA Foundation: There Should Never Be Another Ibrahim

As we mark another World AIDS day, we want to bring to your attention the need for more work to be done.

Though HIV infection on the continent of Africa is on the decrease, HIV infection among gay men and men who have sex with other men is on the increase, with is as high as 10-20%

HIV stigma and discrimination is on the increase and it is making many people run away from treatment.

With countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Gambia promoting hate towards the LGBT, the increasing lack of support for this community is driving them underground, forcing them into marriage and living a lie, thereby not allowing them to access HIV care and support that best suits them.

Watch the video below and get it to as many people as people. Join The Bisi Alimi Foundation this December to say #ThereShouldNeverBeAnotherIbrahim and CLICK HERE to show your support.

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  1. Mandy
    December 01, 08:19 Reply

    I wonder if it’s appropriate to say Happy World AIDS Day… #ThereShouldNeverBeAnotherIbrahim

  2. Bisi
    December 01, 12:57 Reply

    Thank you all for the sweet comments. I am rubbing them on my face this mean (wait I dont mean what you are thinking). Please I will appreciate if you can click on the link and support the campaign by adding your name to it.

    Also watch out for a partnership I am having with KD. It promises to be exciting…. I am thinking it will launch soon.

    Love and peace and Happy World AIDS day

  3. ronniephoenix
    December 01, 14:27 Reply


    I already supported with facebook.

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