That Is Quite A Bulge! Check Out Mario Götze’s Down-Below Glory

That Is Quite A Bulge! Check Out Mario Götze’s Down-Below Glory

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (4)I know he’s straight and all that, but I simply had to share these pics of German footballer Mario Götze.

Long, long before he scored the game-winning goal of the World Cup final, he was just a regular guy, playing a little soccer and going on vacation with his model girlfriend, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel. Back in July 2012, Mario and Ann-Kathrin took a romantic trip to Ibiza together and showed lots of PDA while relaxing on a yacht.

It goes without saying that Mario was superexcited to be spending time with such a beautiful lady, as evidenced by the giant bulge in his briefs — seriously, it’s really something. Needless to say, Ann-Kathrin and Mario are still going strong; after his triumphant defeat of Argentina in Sunday’s final, the couple shared cute kisses on the field and celebrated together at an afterparty with Rihanna. Keep scrolling to see Mario Götze in all his glory.Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (1)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (2)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (3)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (5)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (6)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (7)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (8)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (9)

Mario-Gotze-Boner-Pictures (10)

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  1. kendigin
    July 17, 05:33 Reply

    The next tin u will hear now is that hes gay. Nice package tho

  2. xpressivejboy
    July 17, 06:41 Reply

    His stuff got me bulging as well. He’s cute and has something I like and in a sizeable portion down there. If he turns out to be Gay or Bi tomorrow, just let him know he’s got one pleasurable black ass waiting for his rewarding white third-leg to have a ride won’t forget in a hurry.

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 17, 07:41 Reply

      MY dear, you see am too? The thing stands like it’s a compass shifting from the south and gradually to the west. lol

  3. Khaleesi
    July 17, 09:12 Reply

    white man, small or regular sized dick, usually uncut, 99% of the time am not interested. end of story as far as am concerned. give me a black man any hour of any day and am good, thank you!

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 17, 09:21 Reply

      Come now Khaleesi, it can’t be all about the size now, can it. I hear white men are good lovers, go all the way to make up for, you know, down there. *blushing beet red* 🙂

      • Khaleesi
        July 17, 12:23 Reply

        no no no Pinky, size aint everything. am not racist in any way at all, I go out of my way to cultivate multi-racial friendships, but when ut comes to sex, am allowed to kick certain skin colors outta my bed aint I? white&asian men just dont get my sexual juices flowing, but a black man will do the magic at all hours of everyday!!

  4. Chizzie
    July 17, 09:22 Reply

    why I am more interested in his ass? Top tendencies? :0

  5. lluvmua
    July 17, 13:20 Reply

    *gasp for air* can’t breath. *JESUS * !! Such a in bulge in public ? Chai there is God o

    • colossus
      July 17, 23:08 Reply

      When you say it like that, its a turn off

  6. Legalkoboko
    July 18, 13:13 Reply

    And we were all supposed to be dazzled by this brand of pornographic pics aren’t we?

    **deepens his pucker face **

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