The 10 Worst Guys You Find on Gay Hookup Apps

The 10 Worst Guys You Find on Gay Hookup Apps

1. The “masc” guy

2. The racist or tribalist

3. The sizeist “know your league” asshole

4. The “raw only” dudes

5. The “just looking to chat” fellows

6. The repeated “hey”, then no response

7. The guy who gets weirdly obsessed immediately

8. The flake

9. The Partyer

10. The “relationship only” guy

Know any other bad hookup-app guys? Name them in the comments below.

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  1. Mandy
    November 08, 08:59 Reply

    How about the “discreet” guy who puts it on his profile like it’s a neon sign

  2. Delle
    November 08, 09:25 Reply

    How about the ones that use Bible verses as profile updates?

    The “hey” and no response ones, ugh! 😡😡😡

  3. Ken George
    November 08, 10:44 Reply

    11. The horny confused religious bipolar homophobe

    12. The self-acclaimed “sapiosexual” who are really as shallow as they come

  4. trystham
    November 08, 12:24 Reply

    relationship guys and ‘looking to chat’ are the worst??? I’m confused

  5. diii okpara
    November 08, 13:36 Reply

    The hottie that’s as fine as fvck who plays too important or very hard to get…
    until bastard konji finally drafts an scarecrow to screw the bi!atch anyways

  6. Gaia
    November 08, 16:29 Reply

    Yes na… what are they doing in the gay app?

  7. Black Dynasty
    November 09, 15:54 Reply

    I’m curious, what gay website or app isn’t used primarily for hookup again?

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