The 11 Different Kinds Of Gay Kissers

The 11 Different Kinds Of Gay Kissers

From a first-timer to a pro, a sloppy kisser to a gentle one, find out which kind of kisser you have been making out with.

There really isn’t anything much better than kissing (well, what comes after sometimes). Everyone has a different style, but some lean more closely to tropes than others. So why not take a look and see what kind of kisser you have encountered?

The First-Timer

It’s his first-time kissing, he’s super nervous, but you’re really excited to be his first serious kiss. Sure, it ends up being a little awkward, but you can feel the spark of a good kisser coming in (and it’s super cute).

The Tongue Kisser

He loves using his tongue (maybe a little too much). You don’t mind it, as long as he spices it up a bit. After all, a little tongue is good for the mouth! (But only in moderation!)

The Mouth Kisser

He kisses you and you dive in with your tongue, searching, probing, wanting to connect with his tongue – and all you encounter is air and teeth. His tongue makes an appearance every now and then but largely stays out of the action, leaving his lips to do all the work.

The Sloppy Kisser

He’s wet, he’s wild, and he’s out of control. It’s not uncommon to feel lots of saliva across your mouth and his after kissing. It’s a little gross, but in the right mindset, there’s a certain appeal about it.

The One-And-Done Kisser

Kisses with him are short, sweet, and to the point. While they don’t particularly last long, there’s a thrill that he delivers, partly because he’s pretty damn good at it. And a certain exasperation he makes you feel, because you just want to hold on to his lips for longer than he lets you have them.

The One-Trick Kisser

He only knows one way to kiss, and he does it all the time. There’s no use trying to help him. He just relies on his old stand-bys in the end. Luckily, you like him too much to mind, but you’d prefer if he would spice things up a bit.

The Drunk Kisser

We all know him. He isn’t much of a kisser when he’s sober, but drop a few shots into him, and he becomes the makeout king of the party.

The Shy Kisser

The shy kisser is a lot like the first-timer, but instead, he’s very, very shy about it. You have to work him up, guide him through, and open up to him before he starts getting into the groove of kissing and making out.

The No Kisser

He’s the one who you’ll lean toward his face to kiss and he’ll move his face out of the way. He’s the one who will tell you “I don’t kiss. I just fuck.” He’s usually Top, and sometimes driven by emotional unavailability.

The Aggressive Kisser

Have you ever kissed someone and immediately thought, “Oxygen! I need oxygen!” Well, welcome to the aggressive kisser. He’s a very active participant in making out with you, and sometimes that’s absolutely perfect for what you need.

The Pro Kisser

He’s the professional, and he knows his way around kissing like he does it for a living. He knows when to use his tongue and he knows when to suck on yours. He knows when to tug your lip, and he knows when to let you play with his mouth. In short, he knows how to kiss perfectly, and for that reason alone, you simply want to have his children.

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    February 07, 10:10 Reply

    I’ve been with all except the Sloppy Kisser. Eeeww!

  2. Andre
    February 09, 14:51 Reply

    I’m the mouth kisser you won’t ever see my tongue ?

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